THIS IS BIG: Burisma gave the Clinton campaign $10 Million CASH prior to the election. AND THERE’S MORE

It’s no wonder the Dems are fighting this so hard!!!

“And of course, Burisma also helped the Clinton campaign prior to the election.”

How did they help we asked?

“They paid them around $10 million.”

Wouldn’t those wire transfers show up? we questioned.

“This was Ukraine; everything was done with big bags of cash to the Clintons.”

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Onyshchenko then went on to describe how he was approached by prosecutors in the U.S. to testify in the United States on American corruption in Ukraine.

He showed us a letter published below from the Department of Justice in 2016, where he says they provided him a temporary visa to come testify on the theft and money laundering of American aid to Ukraine, and on the illegal money to the Clintons.

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“Right before I was to leave for the U.S., I received notice that my visa had been cancelled due to the personal involvement of Vice President Joe Biden.


h/t Wildthing3