This is Globohomo For You in a Nutshell

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by Chris Black

This is what happens when you join the NATO/EU block right now. 

In the midst of a refugee crisis caused by NATO and US intransigence towards Russia, the EU voted to sanction Poland and Hungary for 

“…curbing the rights of women, LGBTQ+ people and migrants as well as stifling the freedom of courts, media, academics and NGOs.”

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This is despite the massive opposition of the public in both countries to Big Gay and to non-White refugees. The EU does not recognize the sovereign democratic right of the people to reject Jewish cultural imperatives.

The sanctions have already cost Hungary 7 billion Euros in pandemic aid and will cost them a total of 22.5 billion Euros by 2027. They will cost Poland a total of 75 billion Euros over the same time period.

This is how the EU makes member states submit to homosexuality and racial dissolution.

Like it or not, this is what Ukraine is inevitably fighting for against Russia right now. This is just the facts, no matter how mad it makes you. A brokered peace with Russia right now guaranteeing Ukraine a neutral status has the potential to actually save it from this kind of humiliation.


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