This Is Happening. You Owe The US Government $287,000 Dollars. The Us Misery Index At Record Highs

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The united states government is increasing the legal limit of federal debt which was halted at approximately $28.9 trillion, where it stood at the beginning of this week. With that limit lifted we will see a steady increase in government debt that transfers to citizen indebtedness as it is expected that the government must receive in turn approximately $287,000+ per income-tax-paying household.

There you have it – you have a specific amount that the life of your family is worth to the us government and if you in any way step outside of the lines of this entanglement, you are subject to extreme scrutiny.

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The math is fairly straightforward, If you divide the $28.9 trillions dollars in debt that the federal government sank before this limit was lifted by the 100 million + American households that paid a net-income tax in 2018, it figures out to being $287,000+ per tax paying US household.

It is no wonder that the ‘Misery Index’ which measures how happy a population are with their finances and standard of living is sitting at us depression and recession era levels despite high stock market and corporate growth according to Oxford Economics

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we have to begin to see the puppeteers. Just this month, the S&P reached it’s own record highs, we are seeing jobless claims fall which isn’t actually a sign of improvement because we are seeing more workers drop out of the workforce so they do not make claims of joblessness – we are witnessing a wage acceleration that cannot keep timing with inflation and now we see that the nation stands at a time of record lows in misery when family members contemplate what the future means for their own financial and personal security.


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