This is HUGE! Donald Trump may win the state of Georgia after 132,000 ballots may be ineligible… Over 600,000 mail-in -Nevada with NO voter roll signature or envelope signature… Michigan counted 149,772 votes in 5 seconds, and less than 6,000 of them were for Trump.

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An announcement was made on Twitter that 132,000 ballots in Fulton County, GA a likely ineligible and will be thrown out.

Joe Biden leads the state by just 10,000 votes. According to Kyle Becker, these votes are “highly likely ineligible to vote and have moved,” per source.

Twitter user, Peoples_Pundit made the original claim.

Pennsylvania Setting The Stage For Recount, Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressmen Call for AG, Secretary State To Recuse Themselves

Pennsylvania GOP Congressional members have called on state Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar (D) to recuse themselves from future election-related investigations, citing concerns over their handling of the state’s 2020 presidential election.

In a letter Saturday, a group of Republican congressmen including Reps. Lloyd Smucker, Mike Kelly, Glenn Thompson, Guy Reschenthaler, Brian Fitzpatrick, Fred Keller, Scott Perry, Dan Meuser, and John Joyce said that they are “deeply concerned with how the Commonwealth has handled the general election.”

Among their concerns, the congressmen said, was that counties were provided with “last minute guidance” on the eve of Election Day on correcting ballots “which is in direct conflict with Pennsylvania election law.”

They argued that volunteer legal observers were prevented from having access to vote counting locations and accused Shapiro of “playing dual roles as a political candidate and legal arbiter with a vested personal interest.”

“We believe these conflicts and irregularities have greatly eroded public trust in the Commonwealth’s electoral system,” the congressmen argued.

The letter highlights prior statements made by the Pennsylvania’s Attorney General “including social media posts calling the outcome of the election, prior to the tabulation of a single vote.”

BIDEN STEAL: 19,958 votes get taken from at Trump at 10:22 pm and given to Biden at 10:23 pm.

HAMMER SCORECARD caught on camera in PA! 19,958 votes get taken from at Trump at 10:22 pm and given to Biden at 10:23 pm.

10:22 pm
Trump: 1,690,589
Biden: 1,252,537

10:23 pm
Trump: 1,670,631
Biden: 1,272,495

HAMMER software fraud in real time



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