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by Pamela Williams
TUNE IN: Deputy AG Rosenstein Talks Mueller Probe in ‘The Story’ Exclusive
This should be interesting.  Rosenstein is the Deputy AG who advised Trump to fire Comey, and then at the same time he calls for a Special Counsel.  I have felt like the whole thing was a setup.
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sat down for an exclusive interview with Martha MacCallum, airing Wednesday at 7:00pm ET on “The Story.” 
MacCallum will ask Rosenstein about the independent investigation into the Trump administration, headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.
“Does his relationship with James Comey give you any pause for your decision to appoint him?” she asked during the interview.
Rosenstein explains his reasoning and also responds to accusations against Mueller surrounding his decision to hire several associates who have donated to Hillary Clinton.
Watch the clip above and tune in Wednesday at 7:00pm ET.
The below is an excellent video on the crimes that have been committed by Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller.

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