This is Not the 1990’s Anymore America

by Chris Black

Here is the new reality:

1) China is ascending.  It has problems and may not ultimately be sustainable but for now it is a rising power.

2) America has frittered away its global influence, power and wealth.  It remains a nuclear armed superpower in much the same way Russia does but much like Russia/USSR did, it is grossly out-spending its revenues and is making horrible policy decisions and blunders which, if not mitigated immediately, will likely lead to a similar collapse.

3) The trillions of dollars which have been poured into the rest of the world by the US may not have been completely wasted but they sure have proved the old adage: you can’t buy friends.

What conclusions should we draw from this situation?

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  1. A) War with China is a bad outcome.
  2. B) Social or financial collapse is only slightly less horrible than war with China.
  3. C) The US should regroup and re-prioritize achievable and sustainable goals beginning with securing its own borders and house.  Failure to do so will cause any subsequent collapse to be deeper and more damaging than it might otherwise be.
  4. D) The US cannot continue to act like a drunk bully in a bar.  It must cease interventionism and foreign adventures generally as it can no longer afford such luxuries.

However, every decision “they” make is to purposely make the US weaker on the world stage. 

When you view their decision making through that lens, everything becomes clear.

 Ukraine was a rouse to deplete our military stockpiles and strategic petroleum reserve, while at the same time launder money and enrich the military industrial complex.  

If China invades Taiwan, I doubt there will be anything more than bluster, as our entity in chief and Millie are bought and paid for.

The basic question: will control of circumstances be maintained? Can it be contained?

Things happen:


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