This is not “transitory”

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by DenuvoSuks

I collected some recent news that shows exactly how **** we are. Once one of the domino pieces fall they all come down.

Debt Crisis in EU are back

See also  It looks like the Bank run is back on and done with its 'transitory' break?

Lack of food worldwide is real

Bear market is here to stay

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China consequences of the covid crazyness, amongst are random crazyness

See also  $29 billion deposited to commercial banks in the last week (May 10th-17th). $1,006 billion in deposits has been pulled since the all time hit 4/13/22. Since the run picked up momentum 2/22/2023, $538 billion in deposits have been pulled. A transitory break before accelerating again?

and the supply chain is not getting better as a result

US consumer confidence at record low

Oil prices are going to the moon


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