This is terrifying for people with IQ’s above 80

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Watching these kids, these CLUELESS Useful Idiots, being given all this non-stop coverage by the treasonous and completely Globalist controlled bastards and whores in the media, and all the puppets and stooges in “government” who have all taken their 30 pieces of silver, treating these horrifyingly ignorant kids as if they were “wise” sages, while simultaneously totally blacking out the voices of people who DO understand history, freedom, slavery, and the constitution.

And these people are total LIARS, as well. They tell you out of one side of their mouth that they “don’t want to take away gun from law abiding people”, but then you see them speak at these walk outs and rallies, where they chant, “Make this a gun free world!”

They are LYING. They DO want you totally stripped of your ability to defend yourself. They DO want you totally disarmed. And yes, they really ARE that stupid, that they think the police can (and will) protect you, and that criminals won’t victimize you, because they will also turn in their guns.

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It is terrifying hos stupid these people are, that they place all their faith in their fellow man and in “government”, who has genocided 100’s of MILLIONS of people over the centuries, and have never in the history of the world been as corrupt as they are now, and couldn’t care LESS about you or your sell being.

Instead of assisting tyranny and Big Brother taking over even MORE of your lives, you ladies and other assorted emotional basket cases should be HIGHLY concerned by taking a look at Europe, and the future that awaits YOU, once you can no longer legally defend yourself.

And the kicker, is most people are simply too STUPID to realize that all of this has been orchestrated by the same old tire mechanism of “Problem > Reaction > Solution”. Even if this latest shooting wasn’t a False Flag Op, at very MINIMUM, it was fully ALLOWED to happen INTENTIONALLY, with the media ready and chomping at the bit.

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Watching these shows today, like Face the Nation (Traitors), and Meet the Press (Whores), is an absolute slap in the face. These people are NOT Americans. They are paid off shitbags who have ZERO allegiance to this country. And the political stooges and hacks they host, have absolutely ZERO respect for their oaths of office.

These brain-dead kids at the March on Washington, chanting “Welcome to the revolution”, should be chanting “Welcome to the end of America”. And… “We’re going to make all of you criminals”.


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