This is the Highest Inflation Ever, By a Lot

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by Chris Black

The thing with the highest inflation since 1981 is a canard.

Just another mega hoax.

Numbers out this morning put inflation at an alleged 8.3%, and the whole media is claiming that this is “at a 40-year high.”

As I already said in one of yesterday’s articles: how can both parties agree to send $40 billion to a foreign nation during an inflation crisis while people can’t buy baby formula?

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Easy, we’re in the looting the treasury phase of imperial collapse.

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Everyone knows you can’t put it back together so just take everything you can.

57 Republicans made the Honor Roll yesterday. Biden will print the billions Congress voted to send to Ukraine which will further exacerbate the record high inflation we are experiencing.

It’s not actually at a 40-year high. It’s the highest inflation ever.

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They have repeatedly changed the way inflation is calculated and then compared the numbers calculated using the newer – and much more dishonest – methods to previous numbers that were calculated in another way.

Strangely enough, this article from 2011 is still online and actually explains this situation pretty well.

Peter Schiff is right about one thing and it’s this.


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