This is the worst sort of fraud….


Back in October of 2020 I stopped using “cases” with respect to Covid-19 for anything.  It became apparent that an utterly-huge number of people were told they had Covid-19 when they did not; they either had an “asymptomatic” case or something else.

Not one lab has ever returned Ct numbers to the tested person.  Not even in Florida, where DeSantis issued an Executive Order requiring it.  Was there ever any enforcement of that?  No.

Why did we know this was entirely bogus?  Simple: On the CDC’s own math the fall surge — which turned into the Winter Disaster — was epidemiologically impossible.  Specifically, look at their mean ratio of infections to case counts and you see the problem; at 6x enough people had the virus for there be no surge.  But there was.

By the summer this was even more beclowned as on that same data everyone had been infected.  But…. there was a surge.

Do remember the admitted truth on PCR: A Ct test of 35 or more almost never results in culturable virus.

It breaks down something like this:

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Ct<20 = Nearly always you can culture virus.
Ct25 = 50 – 70% of the time you can culture virus.
Ct30 = ~25-30% of the time you can culture virus.
Ct35 = ~4-8% of the time you can culture virus.
Ct40 = Statistically never can you culture virus.

Why is this important?  Many people have claimed that viral debris from your infection still means you had it, thus, positive is positive.  Nope.  This is the worst sort of fraud.

At very high Ct numbers the debris could be from contamination at the lab, or between samples.  But it could also be from your prior, non-Covid-19 immunity and anyone who is even slightly competent in understanding the immune system knows it.

The virus enters through the nose and mouth.  The upper respiratory tract is where it first gets into cells — if it gets into cells.  Your body has a bevvy of  defensive mechanisms to prevent that from happening.  Remember that unlike bacteria a virus cannot replicate outside of a living cell.  The mucosa in your mouth and nose is not alive.  The cells under it are, but it is not.

So if a virus lands in your nose but never gets through the mucosa it will register positive on a PCR test — because it is positive — if the Ct is cranked up high enough.  Technically you “got” the virus (you “caught” it) but you were never infected.

It is certainly true that some of the people who are “positive” with high Ct numbers are infected and you got them “early”; they will go on to have clinical disease and, if you test them again you will get another positive in a day or two with a much lower Ct.  But nobody does that.  In addition exactly zero health departments have validated their claimed “infected” counts by coming back to those people with a $5 antibody test two weeks later and looking for IgA, IgM and/or IgG antibodies.  IgA may be present and both IgM and likely a weak read of IgG will be present if the person was actually infected at that time.  If only IgG is present that infection was not Covid-19; they previously were infected and you lied; their body beat off the incipient infection without impact.

Now contemplate the problems this causes:

  • You think you have protection against reinfection via natural immunity.  But you don’t.  You had some other virus or a claimed “asymptomatic” infection and never seroconverted.  There are plenty of people claiming that “one third or more of people who get Covid-19 never seroconvert.”  In a word: Bull****.  The truth is that is 1/3rd or more of those claimed to have Covid-19 never had it at all.  They either had some other virus (e.g. RSV, OC43, influenza, etc.) or, in the case of no apparent illness they had nothing.  This is extremely dangerous to the people misled as they will believe they had the virus when they did not.  They know this and it is why the so-called “doctors”, who are engaged in organized fraud, encourage people who “had” Covid-19 to get the jabs!  They know damn well that likely somewhere around half and perhaps as much as 75% or more of those who allegedly “had” Covid-19 never had the disease and are thus not protected.  A $5 test will prove this but they do not run them before jabbing you.  This is why they don’t run said tests; it will blow up their “case” claims and they know it.
  • The person claimed to have been “positive” and their entire family gets hit with a quarantine ordertypically for 10 days.  The economic damage to them is immense.  They were never replication competent and could not have spread the virus to others as they were never infected in the first place.  These people were financially raped without cause and are entitled to recover every penny they were screwed out of by so-called “public health” officials and effectively placed under false arrest.  That’s a criminal offense folks.
  • The number of cases are thus wildly inflated and make for insanely good “fear porn” all over the media but they’re flat-out bull****.  This is active fraud, not a mistake; they could prove the “cases” are real for $5 and do not, on purpose.

  • This fraud then is used to fuel claims of re-infection when some of these people do later get Covid-19 and, in some cases, that “antibody titers disappear from actual infection within a couple of months.”  Since nobody followed up on the original  infection this is not speculation — it too is fraud because if someone never had Covid in the first place obviously they will have no antibody titer!




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