This is what NYC looks like under de Blasio’s watch: Father & daughter viciously attacked by mob

by DCG

When you have demorat “leaders” who support lawlessnessdefunding the police and “criminal justice reform,” you can expect no consequences for illegal behaviors such as the following:

Details about this incident:

“The NYPD released a shocking video Thursday showing the moment a father and daughter were set upon by a violent mob in a store in upper Manhattan.

Victor Martinez Medina, 41, a Mexican immigrant who moved to New York 15 years ago, was knocked out cold by the group who were targeting his 22-year-old daughter.

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His wife Rosa Santo, 39, watched the savage beating in horror from outside the store before one of the mob stole her phone when she called 911.

Police have identified three of the suspects in the vicious one-sided attack that allegedly began because of ongoing tensions between Medina’s daughter and another woman in the neighborhood.”

Read the whole story here.

As I have previously said, everyone living in the lawlessness, demorat-run cities are going to have to step up their situational awareness skills.



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