THIS is What Will Happen To The Stock Market! A Black Swan Event Will Cause A MELTDOWN!

When we look at the stock market, we are witnessing an unprecedented move. They continue to rise further and further without stepping back. We are in a new phase of euphoria. There is a constant repeated message of “This time is different”. Funny that we tend to hear that right before the end.
SP500-DailyPrice-012518-1.png (837×534)
SP500-DailyPrice-1980-1987-012518.png (834×530)
SP500-DailyPrice-1990-2000-012518.png (836×536)
SP500-DailyPrice-2004-2007-012518.png (833×532)
SP500-DailyPrice-2009-Present-012518.png (842×535)
20180126_EOD3_0.jpg (890×779)
20180126_eod23.jpg (890×471)
20180126_EOD2.jpg (890×448)

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