THIS Is Where the Biggest Risk of Housing Collapse Is! Debt MELTDOWN Will Cause Havoc

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Real estate has gone far beyond affordable in many cities around the world. This has created a hyper bubble like we have never seen before. People are so heavily burdened by debt but according to the mainstream view, because interest rates are low, this is simply not a concern. Of course, the fact that we have gone into paranormal territory in terms of pricing, this means young people can’t afford it, the average family can’t afford it, and eventually, we don’t need a Subprime Crisis event to cripple this system.


Canada, New Zealand Show Signs of Housing Bubble, Says Study – BNN Bloomberg

Mapped: The Countries With the Highest Housing Bubble Risks

COTW-Housing_Bubble_by_Countries_V5.jpg (1200×4794)

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