This is why every state need a audit. The USA is becoming Venezuela

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How hard can it be to see, even for Democrats?? The voting system is not working. Votes by post has been the biggest ever in history because of Covid, and it has not worked at all.
Ordinary people under oath are ready to be witness about the voter fraud, and you liberals are just okay with that.
So sad and If Biden was half the man you all think he is, he would be okay with audit of all voting in these important states.
In Sweden we have paper votes with different colour for every party, how hard can it be to do the same for Presidential election, why do every candidate have to be on the same ballot on a white paper.
It is so easy to change but USA/Venezuela is making it so difficult, by design.
This video says it all, why this election is a disaster.

At least some media is awake…



h/t Limpan


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