This IS Yuuuge! MSNBC poll "Will you vote for Hillary?" Nearly 85% of 352,000 voters said NO!…. DONALD TRUMP GAINS 25 TO 35K FOLLOWERS A DAY ON FACEBOOK

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Nearly 85% of 352,000 voters said no!
Less than 1/5th say they would vote for Hillary
I’ve been tracking for months. It’s always had a steady uptick but over the last week it’s climbed within that range my title states everyday. Tell me again how hitlery is winning? Observe for yourself. Check daily.
CAIR: “Hillary Clinton to Win Muslim Vote by Landslide” – Well DUH! Trump is against them raping and beheading Americans
“A new survey suggests that nearly three-quarters of Muslim Americans will vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential elections on November.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released its national survey Thursday, reporting that 72 percent of Muslim voters surveyed say they will cast their vote for Clinton on November 8, with 4 percent intending to vote for Trump and 12 percent undecided.
Although CAIR claims that its mission is to “enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding,” it has come under increasing fire for its unwillingness to condemn Islamist violence and its ties to international terrorist groups such as Hamas.”

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46 thoughts on “This IS Yuuuge! MSNBC poll "Will you vote for Hillary?" Nearly 85% of 352,000 voters said NO!…. DONALD TRUMP GAINS 25 TO 35K FOLLOWERS A DAY ON FACEBOOK

  1. The Establish (or Power That Be) has been running propaganda against Mr. Trump in full-till mode 24/7, yet, Americans have no longer bought their lies. Close to 70% of Americans WILL NOT vote for Hillary no matter what. The only way for the Power That Be to install Hillary into the White House is via STOLEN election. Americans’ hatred to Hillary has not been reduced in any manner or way.
    Americans will VOTE for Trump because the alternate is UNTHINKABLE.

  2. Remember, after Mr Trump’s inauguration he can’t do this revolution on his own. We all have to carry water where we live, work and play. Do what ever you can come up with to help.

  3. Fuck you all and your bullshit dog and pony show. Unless we address the fucking phony voting machines all of this is dogshit. I am so sick of this not being addressed. They are going to steal it for her, capish?

    • I understand where you’re coming from, the CPD, BlackBoxVoting, Bev Harris, Curtis/FL, ES&S, Diebold, etc…
      However, on several occasions Trump has addressed this, he once quipped, “it’s rigged, but I won”(the primaries). This is why he needs a landslide and he’s getting it.
      Thats also why his enemies are so fixated on gaslighting that it’s “50-50″(a horse race) and the constant distraction from his obvious broad base appeal(if not for any other reason then, he’s not a clinton).
      Police officers were recently doing detail for a Trump rally, they were wearing red caps in silent support of Trump and they were reprimanded.
      Hillary’s “win”, will be as empty as her campaign and as shallow as the people she has to pay or promise political spoils to. If people think Obama’s “hope and change” is hypocritical, “stronger together” will be hypocrisy on steroids right out of the gate and she won’t last 4 years without having a seizure.
      They tried to steal it throughout the primaries, everyone knows that. He’s broken record after record. The comeback kid said early on, “we’re going to win so much, you’re going to say, ‘enough Mr. Trump'”.

      • If the election is a fraud, it’s time for the Second Amendment and Patriots to save the day and country.
        No justice, no peace.

  4. They can lie all they want about Trump, and they are lies, as friends and relatives of these women all come out to call BS on them. Will the MSM report? But in the end Hillary Clinton is still Hillary Clinton, the liar, the corporate shill, the globalist who wants to get rid of borders to turn us into a 3rd world hell hole. You see, the media has to do this stuff because they always think it works, find a bunch of women who want to be on Dancing with the Stars, or whatever, and prompt them to lie….Perhaps Trump gave them a pat on the back….just move it lower…..THATS HARRASMENT! Perhaps he gave them an “air kiss” next to their cheek…..just move it to the mouth…and hold……THATS HARRASMENT! See how that works. Perhaps 2 young boys accidentally find an air strip in Mena Arkansas where Bill and Hillary are running cocaine for the Mexicans, and then they are found weeks later on a train track with bullets in their heads….that’s an accident you see, they got hit by a train….yeah, that’s it.

  5. “Ya know, wealthy people don’t like me, because I’m competing against them all the time, and I like to win. The fact is, I go down the streets in NY all the time, and the people I do best with, that really like me, are the taxi drivers, the workers.” – Donald J. Trump (1988 Larry King Interview)
    Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2015)

  6. The MSM is now “fair game” as it has abandoned all neutrality and operates as a Propaganda Arm for Hillary. The MSM should not cry about it’s OPERATIVES coming under attack as they are COMBATANTS not reporters.

  7. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” was a well known fairy tail when I was a kid; but then again, MSM ignores anything that MIGHT have a moral to it. Easy to do when you’ve already sold yours to the highest bidder. lol

  8. Crooked Hillary IS A LIAR, she is going to BACK THE TPP and “dreams of” open borders. She has already said she does not care about everyday Americans…. Hillary lives surrounded by ARMED GUARDS and high fences, she will not have to worry about HER family….
    Trump will worry about YOUR FAMILY! He will make America SECURE!

  9. The rigged polls are a prelude to the rigged electronic voting machines that will be used on November 8.. This way, the masses won’t be shocked when they steal the election from TRUMP.

    • Won’t wearing a target on our backs (by wearing red) just alert any crooked poll workers to somehow invalidate or destroy our ballots the moment we leave the poll?

      • If the vast majority of people are wearing red it will make the fake results harder to believe. The local poll workers are not the ones to worry about. DHS is ‘running’ this election per Obama executive order

  10. This is WHY Obama has spread the FALSE Narrative that Russia is hacking us and messing with our elections. He is declaring WAR in order to HOLD ON to office as president. I am so pissed, he needs to go and take all his corrupt cartel with him!

    • Gee, you’re comment is 4 days old by now and STILL there is no declaration of war by Obama. How does it feel to he so stupid. BTW the president cannot declare war. Only Congress can do that. And even if our nation was officially at war with Russia there is no provision in the Constitution that would cease the election or the ordinary transfer of power to the next elected president.
      I hereby promise to give you 10,000 dollars if Obama tries “to HOLD ON to office as president” after next January when his term expires as ypur comentioned claims. The only place where that remotely might happen is in your own tin foil hat covered head.

      • I will hold you to this promise. Though if the war becomes nuclear it would be difficult to collect from our ash like state of being. Yes, actually Obama HAS declared war. Every country across the world knows it, says it and see’s it. YOUR choice of news / media obviously prevents you from knowing it. As to your other so called facts … Has Obama EVER cared to follow Our U.S. Constitutional Laws? Seems to me he uses loopholes and backdoors to EVERYTHING. He especially likes “Executive Orders” of which he has recently written several which would cover the events I previously mentioned.

      • Talk about feeling so stupid, you should know. ” BTW the president cannot declare war. Only Congress can do that. ”
        So how does that explain the fighting in Afghanistan that is now the longest running war in US history? That we have troops being wounded and dying in that country, Iraq, have fought in Libya (air support) and have “advisers” on the ground, soon to be joined by combat troops, in Syria?
        NONE of these military incursions have been declared as a causus belli by Congress. If fact, if you knew a little more history, you’d know that DEMOCRAT Sen. Frank Church’s special committee report on the state of emergency back in 1973 proved we have been living under modified martial law since 1933. Don’t believe it? Check the Congressional Printing Office, they still have that report available.
        You’re also a double idiot because the lack of provision to abort the presidential election is moot. The Supreme Court has held that the “doctrine of necessity” supersedes the Constitution if the existence of the State is threatened. The fact is they make up/distort/ignore the Constitution in any way they like. The idea that Obama will or won’t try to hold on to power is pointless to argue. The most important principle is that he would claim necessity to do it based on previous SC holdings.
        I hope you’re from the UK because you’re dangerously misinformed if you’re an American.

  11. WE NEED TO DEMAND A PAPER VOTE IMMEDIATELY with measures in effect like this:
    PROOF of Legal Citizenship, Photo ID, & Finger print, scanned onto ballot for each and every vote. This PAPER Ballot is not sent electronically but rather is HAND COUNTED with no less than 100 witnesses after being removed from locked box at end of voting day. Amount count for each party is recorded and certified via signatures and notary from each party in election, so they each have proof copies before paper vote count is shared with America or any Government Officials.
    NO Voter Registration info held after the fact, so no ‘rolls to clean-UP” later. When people die, they die unregistered. You wanna vote, you show up WITH ALL PROOF NEEDED DAY OF, NO EXCUSES … Local Police Dept’s / ICE agents can man the polls for ID and citizenship verification. Cheaters go strait to jail until hearing date to discover / plea thier case
    My plan / thoughts

  12. CAIR… has come under increasing fire for unwillingness to condemn Islamist violence and its ties to international terrorist groups such as Hamas.” Vote TRUMP

  13. You’re hilarious. As in a laughing stock. You headline “breaking news” and link to a bogus “user created” online non-scientific poll that means nothing. But by all means go ahead and believe that 85% of likely voters (as opposed to Internet trolls) are voting against Clinton if it helps you sleep at night. Good luck with that.

  14. I just got back from Austria and Hungary. They HISS at Muslims in businesses and streets.
    I loved it… they say there is plausible deniability … can’t be arrested, but they get the point across. Hungary is experiencing a renaissance of sorts now that the Gypsies have all left for welfare checks in France and Germany.
    Budapest looks like Denver with better architecture…. baseball caps, cargo shorts, and University T shirts… Block after block of leafy bistros and yuppie pedestrian malls. NO BAD NEIGHBORHOODS that I could find. I used the metro all across the city. Vienna has more muslims … and THEY HISS at em. They stay out of sight.
    Just an update on CAIR….. HISS …… loudly

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