This ROBOT Is Freaking Me Out

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by Stucky

The robot below, named Ameca,  is said to offer the whole range of human emotions, together with realistic eye and facial movements which, quite honestly, are amazing. 

Here you will see Ameca reacting with visible irritation and grabs the hand of a researcher who got into its “personal space”.  The developers noted that this behavior was “even starting to freak us out at Engineered Arts and we are used to it!”.   How much longer before Ameca becomes human?


Here is a 15 minute overview of what the company who built Ameca is accomplishing.  IMHO, simply mind blowing.  They are coming. The robots. They will be stronger than you, and smarter than you. But, will they like you, inferior human?  Of course, they will!  They are being built for only one purpose; to serve man.


One of my favorite books is “Is Data Human: The Metaphysics Of Star Trek” by Richard Hanley. He examines the ethics, morality, and philosophy of  man-made machines achieving sentience. A must read for every Trekkie. Can machines become self-aware?  YES, it’s inevitable he claims.  Captain Picard also makes a brilliant defense of Data’s sentience.


Me?  I lean towards agreeing with them.  After all, love is just dopamine. If you can integrate dopamine into an integrated circuit …voilla’, you have a robot who loves.  Just like a human. A perfect human, without sin, and therefore without need for a Savior.  Wouldn’t that be something!  Mankind’s understanding of God would be forever altered. Probably for the better.




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