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YOUR DAILY TREACHER: No, You Shouldn’t Assault People for Wearing MAGA Hats (or Anything Else).

I get a lot of crap from enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump whenever I criticize him. I also get a lot of crap from enthusiastic opponents of Donald Trump whenever I agree with him. Often the two things happen simultaneously. Consider the following statement of opinion: I wish Trump wouldn’t tweet stupid crap every single damn day, but I gotta admit, Gorsuch was a good pick. This opinion makes me either a cuck or a Nazi, depending on which ardent partisan you ask.

Back in 2016 I begged the GOP not to nominate Trump, for the same reason the Democrats were beside themselves with joy when they realized his nomination was inevitable: We both thought Hillary Clinton was obviously going to win. We were both wrong, but at least now I get to enjoy living a world where Hillary isn’t president and the libs get owned on a daily basis.

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The thing is, the fringes are no longer on the fringe. They’re the mainstream now. That’s why you have spectacles like this, from alleged conservative Jennifer Rubin:

Imagine hating Trump so much, becoming so unmoored from principle, that you do a total 180 on abortion just because you didn’t get the president you wanted.

Rubin also said Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be given a “life sentence” of public harassment, just for daring to work for Trump. This is insane. My whole life, the White House has lied to us no matter who’s occupying it. But we only hear this sort of unhinged rhetoric when Republicans are the ones lying to us. I don’t remember anybody cornering Jay Carney or Josh Earnest in restaurants over “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Nobody picketed the Obama administration’s private homes over “Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video.”

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Rubin’s fellow Democrat, Maxine Waters, has made similar calls for public harassment of Trump supporters. But now I guess it’s just a coincidence that we’re seeing intimidation tactics like the following, out in the real world. (WARNING: Adult language and #Resistance)


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