This Town Just BANNED All Refugees After Violence Escalated

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After a series a very public violent crimes by refugees and migrants, one town is now cutting off accepting more, bowing to public demand to stop the practice.
Europe has been overrun with millions of refugees, which are more correctly described as migrants. Refugees are usually vetted individuals with a legitimate claim of asylum. That is not the case in Europe, where thousands are coming in unchecked. After many of those migrants began committing violent crimes in the town of Cottbus, Germany, locals decided to take their city back.
Cottbus is bucking the “open borders” trend set by Prime Minister Angela Merkel, and closing its doors to migrants. The move comes after several incidents in which locals were attacked – often violently – by migrants. The rise in crime has led to a revolt, and city leaders decided to close to their doors to more migrants.
Complicating matters is the return of Neo-Nazi groups, who are staging violent protests against the migrants. Officials in Cottbus grew weary of having to deal with both, so the doors remain closed to new migrants.

New refugees are being turned away from a city in Germany, amid fears over rising violence between migrants and right-wing extremists.
Officials in Cottbus, which lies 120km southeast of Berlin, issued the temporary ban after two male Syrian teenagers were arrested on suspicion of injuring a German teenager in the face with a knife.
Just days earlier, a 15-year-old Syrian asylum seeker and his father were ordered to leave the city, after he was allegedly involved in an assault, alongside two other Syrian youths aged 14 and 17.
A 51-year-old man and his wife were said to have been attacked outside a shopping centre.
Meanwhile, Cottbus, which has hosted around 3,000 migrants since 2015, is home to 145 right-wing extremists.
Last weekend, around 100 masked neo-Nazis took part in an illegal demonstration through the city centre.
According to Brandenburg’s state interior minister Karl-Heinz Schroeter, the ban on new refugees would be in effect ‘for the next few months’.
Other measures in effect include increased CCTV surveillance and increased numbers of police officers.
More than a million migrants have arrived in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open her country’s borders in 2015 +3
More than a million migrants have arrived in Germany since Chancellor Angela Merkel threw open her country’s borders in 2015

The ban comes just weeks after a study in Germany revealed the recent influx of mostly young, male migrants had led to an increase in violent crime.

The study, by criminologist Christian Pfeiffer and funded by the German government, uses figures from the northern state of Lower Saxony to examine the impact of refugee arrivals on crime in 2015 and 2016.
It attributes a 10.4 percent rise in violent crimes in the state during those two years almost exclusively to refugees.
But it also found that migrants are most likely to be the victims of crime committed by migrants.
In 90 per cent of homicide cases where a migrant was the suspect, the victim was also a foreigner.
His team found that living conditions in detention centres, where dozens of young men of different ethnicities and religions are held together in cramped conditions, contributed to the problem.
More than a million migrants have arrived in Germany after Merkel threw open the borders in 2015 with the pledge: ‘We can do it.’
Cottbus is not however the first city to impose a migrant ban.
It follows Salzgitter, Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven in the northern state of Lower Saxony, which last year cited a lack of resources to properly handle the numbers arriving.

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  1. The EU will no doubt sanction the town leadership. Germans would solve the refugee problem if they sold everything wrapped in bacon.

  2. It is more than ridiculous when governments do not give a crap about their citizens!
    So – what they are for? Just for enriching themselves?
    When governments do not care of people then people must and will take care of themselves!
    I just worry if we aren’t on the verge of civil war… But it will play out well for Cabal what will be very quick to introduce a Marshal Low and other methods of oppression!
    Mess! Big mess!….

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