This video is starting to go viral showing bodies piling up in NYC. But why does everyone in the background sound Jamaican?

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Listen to everyone in the background, they all have Jamaican sounding accents, so where and when was this filmed? The title also says “bodies line the sidewalk” but there are only 3 stretchers and an empty truck anyway. Several news sites are posting this video.

Also this screenshot below from a separate video is going viral and has been posted on sites like Zerohedge. Why are the “bodies” stacked so haphazardly? You could just as easily arrange them in order so it would be easier to move them instead of throwing them in a giant pile. Also the bags have no identification on them. So who are all these people? If you die of coronavirus does the state of New York just throw you in a mass grave? Seems fake to me.


h/t freq-ee


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