This was Freedom Day. But we’re all Julian Assanges now

by John Ward

Lines on the nature of persecution

Locked up, and deprived of the conviviality that makes us human. Solitary confinement – the go-to torture employed by Communist behemoths – is what it really is; but this generation of inhuman perverts will only ever call murder a necessary imperative, drug-trial falsification a Sechuan lie, or demonised leper colonies a precaution for the good of humanity…the one dimension they so blatantly lack.

Hardly a surprise, then, that the one thing remaining firmly in place as Freedom Day draws to an undignified close is House Arrest. That both the PM and the Health Secretary are themselves undergoing isolation gives me little ironic relief – although it is, unintentionally, hilarious: a man who has been double-jabbed gains no protection from the virus, and a man who’s been both jabbed and gained personal immunity naturally acquired, is still considered dangerously infective. Up is down and four is two and Freedom Day is the Marks & Spencers lingerie counter.

But when it comes to extremes of brass neck, you can’t begin to compete with French MPs and Enarchs…..

No shit, O Normand cousins? So travel petulance against Brits travelling in the EU (but not for the Dutch, Italians or Germans) is obviously based on scientific findings, yes? And refusing all civil rights to the unvaccinated throughout the cradle of fraternité isn’t at all excessive, right?

Just so everyone is absolutely clear about this – I get the impression that some Sloggers think I’m being melodramatic or even allegorical – under the legislation being proposed by the Boy Emperor Macron to take effect from August 16th, I will not be allowed to buy food, go to a supermarket, eat in a restaurant, have a drink in a bar, leave the country, get on an aeroplane, go to any cinema, concert or club, board a train or attend any function where there are more than thirty people unless I have a valid vaccination certificate. I can get a test to prove I’m virus-free using equipment that is useless, but I have to pay for that….and even that last exit from Saigon is to be rapidly phased out.

So in summary, I, a taxpaying French resident refusing to have half-baked mRNA dog mess pulled off the shelf and squeezed into what’s left of my ruptured left arm (on the grounds that it is now recognised in the US as “the most side-effected experimental drug in CDC history”) am to be shunned by polite society forever….and my sole crime is prudence.


Slog acronym – ‘IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official’.

A smug piece in the Telegraph today declares that ‘Macron is in a hole of his own making’ – but infuriatingly refuses to interrogate the scandal of lies, corruption and gross misnomer that must surely point to a bigger agenda. For these formulations are not vaccines, were brought to market at seven times the normal speed, exist under heavily-clouded skies of Pharma-funded dissembling, and trade entirely on the flawed basis of “Doctor knows best, dear”.

Which doctor’s reputation is being invoked here – Fauci, Crippen, Shipman or Mengele?

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Let me give you a controversial view on how this entire Covid-Trojan-Horse caper could’ve been discouraged before it even started. Since mid 2012, the Australian honesty-activist Julian Assange has been smeared, imprisoned, deprived of dignity and hounded by various Secret State gargoyles – and his sole crime was telling Truth unto Unelected Power.

Now I must declare an interest here: I’m not keen on Assange. I think he has a God-as-Victim complex. When he first began to be harassed, I did nothing. He just wasn’t someone I felt that much sympathy for.

So I am just as guilty as the swineherd who framed, incarcerated, and almost destroyed the poor bastard.

And as most of you did the same, you’re in the dock with me.

This is the point of today’s Slogpost: to reaffirm the culturally carcinogenic nature of persecution. However far an empiricist’s interpretation is from your own, under a Free Speech democracy, you do not have the right (civil or otherwise defined) to either acquiesce in or demand the persecution of a dissenter.

‘Persecution’ is one of those words like discrimination, patriot, natural, traditional, contrarian, radical, realist, evil, appeasement, hierarchical, traitor and a thousand others either hijacked (and redefined) or disgraced by self-appointed arbiters of That Which must be Deemed Correct.

If a State narrative at any given point in time cannot be evidentially supported, every last citizen has the right to active dissent.

And if the police, judiciary, media, political class and bureaucrats offer no access to redress, then that right to dissent becomes a duty.

I refer you to a piece about escape from persecution that I wrote last May.

Many of us today are looking for a Mayflower escape from persecution.

The only escape is to neutralise the Witchfinders General.


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