Three Gorges Dam on verge of breaking, CCP not reporting

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by xbmw69

The world’s largest power source is on the verge of collapse and the Chinese are not reporting on it, just like they did with Covid-19. Unfortunately, if the dam collapses the global economic impact of it would be equivalent or worse even than a Yellowstone eruption. start at 7:30 for the TLDR

We are talking about hundreds of millions of dead, cities completely destroyed, and trillions and trillions of damage. Not to mention a complete collapse of the Global economy.

June is the rain season for the Hubei province but this week they’ve had flooding not seen in over 75 years. It’s first ever red alert was announced yesterday, but the worst of it is yet to come, as they prepare for an even larger rain storm this week.

Live streams will not exist, it’s China. But there are video’s posted on YOUTUBE, WEIBO and TWITTER. Search= 三峡大坝 [Three Gorge Dam]

Journal Dump on everything wrong with Three Gorge’s Dam, conjured by a hydrology expert, a former Chinese resident, Wang Weiluo.

CCP censoring their geologists. start at 7:30 for the TLDR



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