Three Junior Miners You’ll Be Hearing About

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by John Rubino

In the notoriously hype-ridden junior miner space there’s never a shortage of great-sounding stories. Most fail to pan out, which means investors who survive in this sector are first and foremost cynics.

Still, some juniors do end up succeeding in a big way. Here are three that have a good chance:

Great Bear Resources
A year ago, this was just another start-up in the presumably picked-over Red Lake District in Canada, home to some of the world’s best gold mines. But somehow, Great Bear managed to find gold – a lot of it – with literally every exploratory drill hole. Now the question is whether the resulting mine will be good – or off-the-charts great. Hear the CEO tell it in an interview with mining stock newsletter publisher Gwen Preston:

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Novo Resources
After generating massive buzz with a find in Australia’s outback, Novo ran into issues with measuring the actual amount of gold in a “nuggety” deposit. The stock gave back some its parabolic spike and the spotlight shifted to other juniors (like Great Bear).

But recently Novo seems to have figured out how to both measure and – more important – economically mine what might be thousands of kilometers of near-surface gold. Mining stock analyst Jay Taylor has been following Novo for years, and now considers it a top prospect:

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Blue Sky Uranium
In the last Uranium bull market (2005-2007) the element’s price rocketed from $7 per pound to $136, while shares of uranium exploration companies rose between 2,000% and 10,000%. Something like that is coming again, according to Sprott Asset Management’s Rick Rule:

Blue Sky Uranium has discovered a big, near-surface (and therefore cheap to mine) deposit in Argentina that gives it a shot at being one of the winners in the next uranium bull market. In the following video Blue Sky CEO Nikolas Cacos outlines his discovery to Financial Survival Network’s Kerry Lutz:


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