Three world’s hardest-hit nations are preparing to end their lockdowns,The EU rewrote a report detailing China’s coronavirus ‘disinformation’ campaigns

Numbers of new infections in Italy, France and Spain continue to fall.
These countries have now begun the process of easing their lockdowns.
Shops and factories will be among the first to resume operation.
From flattening one curve to getting ahead of another: three of the world’s hardest-hit nations are now preparing to ease the restrictions out in place to halt the spread of COVID-19.

After the US, the countries with the next-highest numbers of confirmed cases – Spain, Italy and France – have announced plans for cautious and gradual exits from their lockdowns. Here’s a rundown of each country’s plans as they take their first steps back towards a semblance of normality.

The EU is under pressure to explain why it amended a report into global disinformation campaigns, in order to remove passages critical of the Chinese government.
References to a campaign of “global disinformation” by China were removed before the publication of the final report, Politico reported.
The Chinese [were] threatening with reactions if the report comes out,” the New York Times reported.
Several passages were altered following pressure from Beijing.

The European Union removed references to a “global disinformation” campaign by the Chinese government, which were included in a draft report about the coronavirus pandemic, after pressure from Beijing.

Three sources told Politico that Chinese diplomats had successfully pressured the EU into changing the wording of an official report into “disinformation around the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic.”

An EU diplomat told colleagues that “the Chinese [were] threatening with reactions if the report comes out,” the New York Times reported last week.

An earlier version of the report, seen by Politico, referenced a “continued and coordinated push by official Chinese sources to deflect any blame,” for the coronavirus pandemic.

China is really showing some nerve here. They have attacked the world with the virus and follow up disinformation and propaganda campaigns. China has also been cyber attacking everybody who is researching Covid 19. They are openly threatening the EU and Australia. This is almost unbelievable what they are doing.

China is just begging for an ass whipping. They are totally liable for all damages that have occurred from Covid 19. We need to fix these chicoms attitudes quickly. They cannot be allowed to attack the world like they are doing. It is timew to confiscate their foreign assets and to isolate this piece of shit regime.

Death To The CCP!




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