Tick Tock: Dems Turn on Biden, Demand Probe into ‘Negligence’ Behind Afghanistan ‘Disaster’

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Several Democrat lawmakers have now turned against Joe Biden over his “negligence” that led to Afghanistan falling into the hands of the Taliban.

During his address to the American people on Monday, Biden said the “buck stops with me” regarding the Taliban’s alarming takeover of Afghanistan amid the U.S. military’s withdrawal.

However, he then went on spreading blame to everyone but himself, including President Donald Trump, the Taliban, and even the Afghan people.

Despite his well-rehearsed “Trump did it” speech, Biden’s blame-game tactics have failed, even among members of his own Democratic Party.

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This week, Democrat lawmakers have been turning on the head of their regime over his botched handling of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Many Democrats are demanding answers from the White House and an investigation into the Biden administration decisions that led to the epic crisis, the Hill reported.


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