TikTok is more detrimental to society than any app ever before

by PinSensitive7828

This especially goes for the youth. These 15-60 second videos overtime ruin your attention span. Its like how to get ADHD 101. Not the mention the algorithm on it is highly advanced.

I know all social medias in a degree are like this, but TikTok obviously taken over the world by storm (Especially the youth). So much false information and propaganda is being pushed on the app to brainwash people.

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Not to mention in China where TikTok is made, is completely different from the TikTok everyone else uses around the world. They have informational videos with a capped screen time. Its almost like a huge social experiment. They obviously take your data. China has great facial recognition software. Put all the pieces together

The short video forms are obviously the trend with Youtube and instagram coping the shorts. Not sure if any other social media apps have as well.

Social media is a blessing and a curse and you’re free to choose to do as you wish, but I’m sure alot of people can highly agree to not use tiktok


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