Tiktok needs to be taken off the internet EVERYWHERE.

by _Jack_lambert

People are finally waking up and realising TikTok is a terrible app and nobody should use it. India is banning it, US is considering banning the app, and the app is no longer available in Hong Kong.

I think it is a smart move that countries are banning it. But every country needs to get rid of this app. It is a security threat.

First: It is proven that the app takes your personal information and stores it.

Second: It is proven that the app is a spy tool for the CCP.

Third: There are A LOT of young children on this app that don’t realise the meaning of the songs that they are dancing to. There are girls on the FYP of TikTok (which everyone can see) that are as young as 6 dancing to songs talking about…. Rape, murder, sex, drugs, stealing, racism, and lots of the N word.

Fourth: There are LOTS of child predators on this app. Like I said, there are many young little girls on this app that could be preyed on and have no idea.

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Brainwashed; The app is brainwashing. I recently saw a video of A Tiktok “influencer” named ‘Zoe Laverne’ literally balling her eyes out that she is about to be surpassed in followers by Charli D’amelio. (Tbh, Its very funny.) youtu.be/KDmND3BjDyI

I’m saying they are brainwashed because, they are literally crying over followers. They care so much about followers and fans that they are gonna have a fit about it.

They are also brainwashed because.. this app is coming from china. The CCP lures kids into the app, they start to promote CCP propaganda and the kids will be supporting the CCP over time.

Here in Canada, Bill Blairs office says they are not joining the US on banning the app. Which angers me and it disgusting. The government saying they are not banning this dangerous app pretty much means….. They don’t care about the safety of Canadian children, They don’t care that China is stealing information from Canadians, and says that they don’t care that they are being brainwashed.

Please…. Please realise how bad this app is and spread the word!



Disclaimer: This is a guest post.


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