Tim Pool: “Meme Magic, How Conservatives Are Able To Keep Winning” #NPC

Meme Magic is real, its how Conservatives Are Able To Keep Winning. It is their not so secret weapon. Memes are meant to be fun and funny. The right is constantly making inside jokes (the latest is the NPC meme) and funny images to spread ideas. It makes hard to swallow political ideas fun and exciting.

For the average person they can participate by iterating and changing memes. This makes jokes constantly evolve and allows ideas to spread even further.

This works because their counter parts on the regressive left constantly restrict and police language. Social justice activists and feminists are known to call things bad or problematic restricting their virality.

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This means that so long as conservatives are having fun and inviting people in and the regressive left is angry with people and restricting language, conservative ideas will travel further and be more appetizing to regular folks.


h/t KOS


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