To All Q-people Who “Trusted the Plan”

by Chris Black

Hope is like crack for people in despair

There is no plan. There never was a plan. Those who are telling you otherwise are lying to you.  And those still pushing the Q disinformation at this point can be split into three different categories. 

Firstly, the complete fools, the “deplorables” so to speak, people incredibly naive or just insane, so they still believe this complete mess is  part of a grand master plan. 

Then there are the grifters, the opportunists trying to milk the former category of their last dollar. Q-videos are still trending on Bitchute, and Q-posts still get a huge number of interactions on social media, especially on Gab and Telegram. Basically, there is still money to be made pedaling this nonsense.  

Thirdly, there are government or left-wing operatives working to push the establishment’s agenda by spewing disinformation upon patriots, nationalists and Trump’s die hard supporters. Actually, these people created the Q-cult and they were pushing this nonsense from the start. And they have seeded false information to millions, shaping the opinions and behavior of those who otherwise could have be brought to a genuine solution.

This is nothing new really, as the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself, if you’re a state actor. Now that Biden was sworn in, this Q nonsense will continue. I still see people vehemently defending Q posts, trying to convince themselves and others that there will be a military intervention and it’s all part of the plan etc.

These people still believe that Trump’s failures in the past four years are part of a master plan to expose the media, Silicon Valley, establishment politicians and their schemes, and all this was necessary to get enough people on-board for the military to act. 

But the military has not acted, nor will they. You will wait in eternity for something like that. 

From the very beginning, I have seen through the Q deception. How? 

Again, there are three reasons for that: first, Q never once mentioned Zionist power in America, the Israeli lobby, or the disproportionate amount of power that individuals hold within the power structures that Q constantly criticize. Q always ignored the elephant in the room.

The second reason was that Q never addressed the demographics issue in America, which turned  traditionally Red states Blue due to Democrat policies of bringing in millions of non-white voters, who vote massively for the left. While Q was always anti immigration, it never made the connection between massive immigration and demographic change, and never discussed race, or the fact that white people becoming a minority in America is a looming inevitability, which signals the death of America as we have known it.

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And finally, Q kept people sat on their behinds in their homes, at a crucial turning point in history, at a time when Americans needed to get up, get out, organize and start building powerful communities. Many have sat at home listening to Q, believing that there was a plan to save the America they know and love without them having to lift a finger.

And that’s really the crux of it: by telling people that there was a plan (trust the plan), that America will be saved and everything would work out just fine, and that they didn’t have to play a part in saving America, because it will al be done for them, the Q misinformation agents helped keep people out of politics.

Q kept people complacent and docile, glued to their sofas and to their smartphones, as they waited to be saved by Trump and some magic intervention that never happened, at a time when people should’ve been organizing and rising up as communities, using their power to push back against the changes taking place in America. 

All because Q told them to.

I hope that this wakes you up, finally, as it’s now obvious that Q-anon was probably the greatest psyop in human history, at least in the US. And it worked very well for the establishment. 

Why did you fall for it? Because you want change to happen. You know there’s something wrong “with the world” (cue Matrix theme), so there has to be somebody behind the scenes, fighting back. But now you realize there isn’t, because you’re the one who’s supposed to make that change.

 Nobody else will do it for you.

That’s why Q-anon worked on everyone, because people wanted to make change without moving a finger. That’s how religion works too by the way: follow this, believe this and you’ll have eternal life. It promises everything if you just do these things. And it’s not much, just belief. Same thing: no proof of anything happening, just “trust the plan”.

That’s why Q-anon worked, because it’s based on the same principle as religious beliefs :hope.

Q anon was a cult, and Trump was a cult leader essentially. Don’t worry, all presidents did the same, more or less, as the shepherds of mankind know that the world is the way it is because they made it that way.

People will fall for anything. To make changes in the world, you need to do hard work, and if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. 



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