Toddler and 3-Month-Old Found Abandoned at Biden’s Open Border

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Biden’s open border policy has dire consequences for some who are too young to survive when abandoned.

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Two very young children (2-years old and 3-months old) happened to be spotted by border patrol agents along the Rio Grande. If they hadn’t been seen and rescued they would not have survived. The two children are from Honduras.

The border patrol reports:

At approximately noon, Border Patrol Riverine agents assigned to the Eagle Pass South Station were performing boat operations when they noticed an unusual color on the riverbank. As agents investigated the item, they discovered two small children abandoned. Agents quickly responded and safely retrieved both children.

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A note under the infant safety carrier revealed the 2-year-old girl and 3-month-old boy, both nationals of Honduras, were siblings. A thorough search of the area was conducted and no additional individuals were encountered.


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