Top 10 countries with the Worst Debt-to-GDP Ratios

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by Jim Quinn
“This time may seem different, but all too often a deeper look shows it is not. Encouragingly, history does point to warning signs that policy makers can look at to assess risk—if only they do not become too drunk with their credit bubble–fueled success and say, as their predecessors have for centuries, “This time is different”. ? Carmen M. Reinhart, This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly

Top 10 countries with the Worst Debt-to-GDP Ratios

1. Japan (245% at $11.59B)

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2. Greece (173% at $338B)

3. Italy (138% at $138B

4. Portugal (133% at $274B)

5. Belgium (111% at $111B)

6. Spain (106% at $106B)

7. Canada (106% at $106B)

8. Ireland (105% at $105B)

9. France (98% at $98B)

10. Brazil (82% at $82B)


3 thoughts on “Top 10 countries with the Worst Debt-to-GDP Ratios

  1. It is way past time for people to wake up to the fact that we are controlled at the highest levels by the banking cartel and have been for over a hundred years. Everything is a farce from the stock market to unemployment rates and we need to start reining in our governments as this BS will not stop until we actually do something about it. People will go out in droves to protest Trump, they will wear pussy hats to stand in solidarity but nothing is ever done to stop the banks and big corps and they are the root of our problem.
    The cartel is in trouble and they will do the only thing they ever do when in trouble… get a HUGE distraction started and that’s war. They have been conditioning us for years to accept a war against Russia with the ever increasingly ridiculous anti-Russia propaganda. We are fast running out of time as they steep up the propaganda game to include China, Iran and North Korea. At this point anyone not able to see through this BS has got to be brain dead.
    I wish I knew how to get a movement going to stop this crap but as I have nothing to do with any type of social media I just don;t have the voice required so I bed someone… anyone… to please get this going as we are now only one good false flag away from a war no sane person wants.

    • There is a reason N. Korea and Iran are art of the axis of evil, they aren’t countries under the control of the Banks even Russia and China are in less than 10% debt to GDP ratio. Those countries are the least controlled by the Banks and must be made t be under more Bank control: or so would the western Banker controlled countries would lead its people to believe. War serves two purposes. First to steal natural resources to give control of those resources to the Bank owners and second to reduce population so less money has to be spent managing all the people to go along with this ludicrous con game. One word government is a bank owned and controlled government. To stop the agenda, people must realize that governments and their institutions are controlled by the real enemy. If we won’t fight for them they can’t win, yet they control most of the worlds resources so people unwittingly take their pay to do their dirty work. False flags are the nature of the game to get people to accept actions based upon emotional responses rather than reasoned ones.

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