Top 10 States Where Homebuyers Are Discovering Deepest Discounts and Best Months To Buy (Hint! Biden’s Home State Delaware Leads In Deep Discounts)

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by confoundedinterest17

Joe Biden is seriously dropping in the polls like a paralyzed falcon. A negative 38 – 53 percent job approval rating. Ugh.

Now apparently no one wants to live near Joe’s compound in Delaware either. Or maybe they are afraid that Hunter hanging around.

In any case, Attom has a nice study on discounts by state and the best month to buy.

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And Delaware leads the nation in deep discounts! I have lived in New Jersey, Ohio and Illinois, so this could be a Sanders Effect too.

ATTOM’s newly released 2021 analysis of the best time of the year to buy a home reveals that homebuyers are fetching lower premiums during the month of October, as well as the winter months, compared to the spring buying season.

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No great shock that May has the largest premiums given that it is the buying month for a summer. And few buy homes in October for a Christmas-to-New Years move. This is known as seasonality.

Another famous resident of Delaware is Aubrey Plaza (aka, April Ludgate). But she is either living in LA or New York. So, the deep discount remains for Delaware.




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