Top Rising and Falling Stocks Today (and Why)

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by NaturalHedgehog

Here’s a quick roundup of the top rising and falling stocks today (22 October 2018), as of mid-morning. This list is limited to companies with market cap >$100 million, to eliminate penny stocks rising 5000% and so forth.

If this is well-received, I’ll keep posting these.

Today Company Driving the stock
+51% American Railcar Bought for $1.75 billion by ITE ($70/share)
+17% DryShips Baltic Dry Index shows a gain for the third consecutive day
+14% PetMed Express Strong earnings with in-line revenue and above-consensus earnings
+9% Funko Strong sales from recent cereal box products
+7% Summit Midstream Unclear why it’s up
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Today Company Driving the stock
-28% Adaptimmune Therapeutics Poor results from cancer trial
-21% Clovis Oncology Cancer trial disappoints
-18% Mirati Therapeutics Cancer trial disappoints
-18% Opus Bank Private bank, Missed revenue by -10%, missed earnings by -30%
-14% Tilray $11 billion cannabis stock, falling amidst general declines in the space
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See the full list at Bravos Markets


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