Tour de France Cyclist: ‘Many People are Suffering from Breathing Problems’

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“I feel like I don’t have enough oxygen, pain everywhere, legs, etc., no strength, and it’s only getting worse after each stage.” – Victor Lafay

Famous cyclist 26-year-old Victor Lafay retires from Tour De France Stage after a ‘mysterious’ sickness. The Frenchman of Cofidis, who was thought to be a possible contender for a stage victory, had difficulties finishing the thirteenth stage and arrived in the last position, after which he decided to quit the tour.

In front of Eurosport’s camera, Lafay said he could no longer keep up with the pack and was left alone. The interviewer asked him if he was sick. “Yes, I am sick. I’m not the only one in the pack. At the start, I spoke to Castro (Jonathan Castroviejo, ed.), and he told me he is not feeling well either.”

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