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The online investing arena is astir with news of’s latest product launch – Thematic Portfolios – which allows investors to take advantage of entire trends or themes.

One of the newest online investing sensations has recently been launched out of Cyprus by a well-known European broker, that has re-established itself as a multi asset brokerage house. The visionary firm which may well be one step ahead of market trends, has launched its Thematic Portfolios to fanfare.

The idea behind Thematic Trading is that you have the opportunity to invest across a whole basket of stocks which cover a theme or megatrend. Such themes might include Driverless Cars, Robotics & AI, Cybersecurity and other hot areas that receive a lot of headlines in the press.

Ethical investing?

Some might call this ethical investing, as you are effectively investing in your beliefs and ethics. It is certainly a brand new style of investing. With this product the investor actually takes purchase of the underlying asset, usually stocks, rather than merely speculating on price movements.

The investor can opt for a portfolio in its default setting, or can customise a basket in terms of the amount of units he or she would like to hold. One of the more interesting portfolios in the catalogue is arguably High Dividend Payouts, which exactly as the name suggests is comprised of a selection of stocks grouped together because of the high dividend payouts they realize. This is an excellent choice of portfolio for those investors that seek payouts as well as long term gain.


New Products who offer a gateway to the capital markets have recently enhanced their offering with a variety of new products. These include IPO investing, which gives investors the chance to invest in IPOs before they go public. They give access to sought after unicorns like Peloton and Uber. 

Additionally, the European licensed firm offers investing through asset management Alpha portfolios, spread betting, which brings tax free gains in the UK and Direct Market Access investing through their joint venture with Interactive Brokers. This product means investors can access hundreds of thousands of global assets directly on the platform with best price execution. Finally, staying true to its core of offering CFDs to day traders, continues to offer access to over 2100 assets daily through their proprietary platform.

How can you invest in Thematics? has recently launched their Thematic Platform, which has been hailed for its ease of use and accessibility to the layman and beginner retail investor. An investor first needs to register an account with The brokerage firm which is licensed in Europe requires a certain level of KYC, which include uploading your identity documents. Once you have fulfilled this protocol, you can start investing straight away. You can start by transferring the funds you wish to allocate by wire transfer. 

From here select the macro trend you would like to invest in. As you can see in the image below these currently cover technology, media, commodities, indices, bonds and more.

Then you will need to either checkout the default allocation, or make changes. You can see how this appears below.

Once you are finished making changes you will simply checkout, sit back and watch the market move.

If you are interested to try out Thematic investing you can visit 

You are reminded that the value of the Thematic Portfolios accounts can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in. You should consider whether you understand the financial products you wish to invest in and whether you can afford to risk losing your invested capital. If you don’t understand any product, you should seek for independent financial advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 



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