Trade War A Weapon Against China’s Spy War

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…China’s intellectual property theft is more than tax theft. Since the spying robs U.S. institutions and corporations of products and royalties, over time it becomes a form of trade theft, a long-range, indirect attack on U.S. future productivity.

Stealing knowledge may have immediate payoffs, but the drain on future productivity eventually contributes to weakening the U.S.

Seeding key American corporations, research and educational institutes, and media organizations with people China can influence or blackmail might eventually weaken American will to counter Chinese imperial adventurism. The U.S. has the political will to contest China’s slow invasion of the South China Sea. However, after 20 years of funding research and buying influence, America might not be so willing.

The bottom line: ” To counter China’s pervasive threat, the U.S. must attack China’s money — it’s economy. The time to do that is now.”

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