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The world of day trading is drawing in more and more people, but actually becoming a successful day trader can be a big challenge and requires a lot of preparation. Tradenet, one of the best-rated day trading schools online, aims to give you all the trading education you need to become a successful trader. Read on to see how.


Freebies and Features of Tradenet

The first thing you notice about Tradenet is the sheer amount of educational material provided. This trading school really offers a comprehensive library of trading resources, classes, tutorials, and tips to make you the best trader you can be.

  •         Various programs can be purchased ranging from the ‘Intro’ option for total beginners to the ‘Pro’ program offering tips and tricks for experienced day traders.
  •         Freebies are offered in the form of YouTube videos and tutorials to give you some insight into the trading world. Most schools don’t offer any kind of free day trading education, so this is a big bonus for Tradenet.
  •         Additional resources like ‘The Market Whisperer’ book teach you trading strategies and more.
  •         Various special offers and proposals are also provided to make learning trading fun and unique.


The Tradenet Live Chat Room

One of the Tradenet’s most effective educational tools for day trading and learning the rights and wrongs of trading is its live chat room. This groundbreaking feature actually lets you watch and engage with Meir Barak, one of the leading public figures of the day trading world.

The chat room allows users to see Meir Barak make his trades with total transparency, revealing all gains and losses and letting you see how an expert trader and his team of analysts make use of cutting-edge tools and proven techniques to make effective trades.


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Tradenet 14-Day Free Trial

As if the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, Tradenet is actually offering new members a free 14-day trial of one of its most effective day trading educational tools: the live trading room. This trial gives you full access to the chat room and all of its features, letting you essentially learn day trading for free.


Intro Program from Tradenet

Definitely one of its best offerings for people looking to learn how to get into day trading, the

day trading education Intro Professional Program comes with all you need to start learning day trading and making your first trades.

  •         A full self-study course with a wealth of educational materials to learn all the ins and outs of the trading world. This includes dozens of different learning units, tutorial videos, and more.
  •         Access to the excellent live trading chat room where you can learn day trading from experts and see how the pros make their trades.
  •         Access to the best-selling ‘The Market Whisperer’ book by Meir Barak to learn all about how he became one of the world’s leading day trading instructors.
  •         A training trader account that lets you learn how to trade, test out the different features and functions, and get to grips with day trading in a safe way without any risks.
  •         Best of all, once you learn the ropes of day trading with the Intro course, you’ll be able to take on the Trading Challenge (see below) and potentially get access to a funded trading account of your own.


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The Trading Challenge

The Tradenet Trading Challenge is an exciting opportunity for you to put your day trading skills into action, taking what you’ve learned and starting to make money from it. For this challenge, you’ll get a $10,000 demo trading account and have five days to make a profit of at least $500. If you can pull it off, you’ll get access to trade a $14,000 funded trading account! This is an amazing deal and a great way to get started with day trading.


Final Thoughts on Tradenet

All-in-all, Tradenet has a real case for being the best day trading school you can find right now. With a world-renowned, proven, successful trader leading the way in the form of Meir Barak and so many great day trading educational features to make use of, this school has a lot to offer.

Part of what makes Tradenet so impressive is its variety and options. This school lets you learn day trading the way you want to. Whether you’re a day trading beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a program and various additional educational services to suit you.

Add in all the freebies like YouTube videos and various tips and tutorials, and this day trading school just gets even better. In short, if you want to learn day trading and get results, Tradenet is the name to choose.




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