Trading Reversals in Reverse

by Martin Armstrong

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Trading  is something you have to develop a “feel” for. The only way to do that is with experience. The object of our modeling is to place the entire world before you. Once you become familiar with hos to use the model, you will be able to look at any market and ascertain its direction based upon experience with the model in other markets.
Using the Reversals with Timing in “reverse” is one of the best trading strategies. Doing this is what awarded me Hedge Fund Manager of the Year in 1998. In 1998, I sold $1 billion worth of yen against the Yearly Bullish Reversal at 147 on an MIT (Market if touched) just before the Long-Term Capital Management collapse. It was 16 days after the Economic Confidence Model Turning Point that year of July 20th, 1998.
ft-1998IBJY5TrendLine-YWe had also only reached 3 Downtrend Lines. The timing was correct for the yen. We were at a major turn in the Economic Confidence Model. Our models had forecast that Russia was about to collapse, which manifest in the Long-Term Capital Management Collapse.
Everything was in line. This is what we are porting over and the computer will articulate this as everything lines up,

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