TRAITORS — Pence And Roberts Getting A Cool BILLION $ Stimulus

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So, Why Does The Smithsonian Need a Billion Dollars From the 2nd COVID Stimulus?

The second COVID-19 stimulus is coming under a lot of criticism for a multitude of reasons, the first being that Congress approved $900 billion of spending taxpayers dollar to help re-stimulate the economy, which is a massive number. People became even more irate when they discovered that after over nine months since the first stimulus check was issued to the U.S. public, they’d only be receiving $600. Which led folks to a lot of questions, like why does The Smithsonian need a billion dollars?

Turns out that “Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.” and “Vice President Michael R. Pence (ex officio)” are on the board of directors.



h/t Nawt Meh Prezdunt


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