Trapping People In Their Cars And Threatening Them Is Inherently Violent And Very Dangerous:

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Portland Rioters Surround Car and Driver Shoots His Way Out. The people doing it enjoy the feeling of power it gives them over someone helpless; but there’s no guarantee that the person they’re threatening is actually helpless.


Every night for the past six weeks in Portland, Oregon, antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, looters and vandals have turned what used to be a nice neighborhood in downtown into a war zone. Portlanders are sick of it.

The police commissioner/mayor and the new BLM-approved police chief have done little about it. The Portland Police Officers Association held a scathing news conference, issuing a no-confidence throwdown to City Hall and begging elected officials to stop defending antifa.

But next to nothing has been done by local Portland police.

Rioters Surround Car, Driver Shoots His Way Out

Now it looks as if the people are taking the matters into their own hands.

In the early hours of July 9th, a person driving a white car in downtown Portland was surrounded by rioters.

The “protesters” demanded that the driver “get off the f*cking road!”

Within seconds multiple shots were fired in the air from the car. No one was hit.


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St. Louis police serve warrant & confiscate rifle from standoff couple

Police have confiscated a rifle owned by lawyer Mark McCloskey, seen holding the weapon in last month’s viral video as he and his armed wife confronted Black Lives Matter protesters who’d broken into their gated community.

St. Louis cops descended on the McCloskeys’ Central West End home on Friday night with a search warrant for the gun, as well as the pistol that Patricia McCloskey was seen waving around in the infamous video, local media reported. The couple’s attorney had reportedly taken possession of the pistol already.


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