Tremendous stress? I blame the Left.

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“Stop Looking on the Bright Side: We’ll Be Screwed By the Pandemic for Years to Come,” John F. Harris, POLITICO.

“Humans Are Too Optimistic to Comprehend the Coronavirus,” Olga Khazan, The Atlantic.

“U.S. Exceptionalism Is Over,” Katrin Bennhold, New York Times.

“We Are Living in a Failed State,” George Packer, The Atlantic.

“Opening up the economy won’t save the economy,” Matthew Yglesias, Vox.

And finally…

“New Seismic Map of North America Reveals a Continent Under Tremendous Stress,” George Dvorsky, Gizmodo.



The coronavirus crisis is quite real and bad enough. It surely does not need any sensationalism or exaggeration. Yet too often it has seemed that the worst-case scenario makes the best and biggest headlines. When a senior war correspondent from a top British newspaper can write that, in corona-hit London, ‘popping out to buy milk might prove as deadly as driving on Kabul’s most suicide-bombed road’, you know that journalism has taken a wrong turn towards apocalypticism.

From the start, too much of the media has seized one-sidedly on the most unrestrained (and unrealistic) estimated death tolls. Morbid daily reports have casually mixed up the numbers dying ‘from’ and ‘with’ coronavirus. (In this, as elsewhere, the experts feeding the media are often as much to blame as any news outlet.) News reports have singled out the atypical deaths of a few younger people with no known health problems, downplaying the fact that those dying with Covid-19 are overwhelmingly elderly and infirm. The result of Apocalypse News has been to further inflame public anxieties.

The news media should put information before the public – not put the fear of God into them.

Trump has been a model of communication during this timeframe
– upbeat but somber focusing on the path forward
– daily press briefings with other advisors present
– shutting down the self important hacks in real time

As we noted the other day
– sending the hospital ships may not have been medical successes
– but were ideal photo ops that showed emergent action
– getting them ready, equipped and set up in record time
– and other field hospitals

Note the number of ventilators, and other material, made and needed
– the use of the war production laws
– forcing the governors to step up
– showing the federal system at work


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