Trends In The Nursing Industry

Much like many other industries, nursing is constantly changing, and there are always new trends impacting this area of healthcare in terms of the way that care is provided, the lifestyle of nurses, qualification, recruitment, and many other areas. Of course, it is hard to predict what the near future might look like for nursing and healthcare due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but there are a few trends that have been emerging in this field in recent times and are likely to continue in the near future and once life begins to return to normal hopefully sooner rather than later. Read on to discover a few of the major trends shaping the nursing industry.

Greater Benefits To Address The Shortage

There is a shortage of nurses right now, which is, in part, due to the aging population and improvement in care. This is obviously problematic as a nursing shortage means that people are not getting the care that they need, so a key trend in the industry right now is trying to attract more and more people to this professional. One of the main ways that this is being achieved is by providing greater benefits to being a nurse, including better pay, bonuses, and even tuition reimbursement.


Telehealth allows the chance for nurses to provide care, wellness checks, and health promotion without the need for people to leave their homes. Telehealth was already on the rise prior to the pandemic as it is much easier for people to receive healthcare through telephone calls or via electronic devices, such as computers or tablets, where video calls are possible. Of course, the pandemic has simply accelerated this as people will want to avoid leaving home where possible. 

Increased Specialization

Nursing is a broad area of healthcare with many different areas to specialize in. It seems that more and more nurses are choosing specific areas, such as psychiatric, which enables them to become an expert in this area and advance their career. Mental health, in particular, is an area that is increasing in demand, so many nurses are now looking to this area to specialize in and provide treatment and support for those suffering from mental health conditions.

Online Nursing Programs

The way in which nurses are becoming qualified is changing too, with many people now taking online nursing programs, which will use online learning with clinical experience to teach nurses all that they need to find work. This flexibility can provide many advantages, plus you can often receive financial assistance to pay for your course, such as Wilkes graduate tuition. It is hoped that online programs like this will attract more student nurses to address the nursing shortage, as well as allow existing nurses to further their careers by earning further qualifications.

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An Increase In Males Nurses

Nursing has and remains a female-dominated profession, but this is slowly changing as more and more men turn to this highly rewarding career path. What was once seen as a feminine role is now changing, and by attracting both men and women, it will hopefully help to address the shortage and ensure that people get the care that they need.


There are few roles that can be as demanding, challenging, and even traumatic as nursing. Unfortunately, this can take its toll, and so many nurses and other people in the healthcare industry suffer from mental health issues. In fact, it is predicted that there will be significant repercussions in terms of mental health from frontline workers as a result of the pandemic too. Therefore, self-care will be a major trend going forward with employers promoting self-care and nurses prioritizing their wellbeing by de-stressing, leading a healthy lifestyle, enjoying their time off, and reaching out for support when needed.

Greater Inclusion On Boards

Nurses are the largest group of healthcare providers in the nation and are a vital part of every leadership team, but despite this, they remain underrepresented on hospital boards. There has been a lot of work put towards greater inclusions on boards, but there is still a long way to go, and this will be a continued trend going forward.

These are the main trends in the nursing industry right now and are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Obviously, the Coronavirus pandemic is putting the healthcare system under great strain right now, and it is hard to say what the future will look like, but the above trends are likely to continue, and the demand for nurses will certainly continue for the foreseeable future.



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