Trey Gowdy Explains Duty of Attorney General to Faithfully Execute the Law!

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When will the American people get an Attorney General who can put the blindfold on and judge fairly? Trey Gowdy explaining how broken the system is when it comes to mandatory minimum sentences.

Who do American really need sitting in the position of U.S. Attorney General? Of course only one man who can talk about Jesus and isn’t partial to a party when it come to the law Trey Gowdy. What isn’t there to like about a man who was raised the way all American should be raised. A mothers love and the word. Truly Americans should write the president and tell him to beg and pay Gowdy anything to take the job of Attorney General. No other politicians has shown his service to the president or the people without hesitation of who it might be that he exposes. Trey Gowdy has shown by his words and actions the true content of his character, and if you don’t love it, then you can’t possibly love all that represents the way our Creator wishes we could all walk. TREY GOWDY appearing with RON DeSANTIS at the SAVANNAH CENTER in THE VILLAGES FL. Trey was asked a question on becoming the ATTORNEY GENERAL for the US if the republicans take the White House in 2016.

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If you haven’t got the book, then get it and let’s “Make American Great Again”

Being “Unified” is the best way to start!

New York Times Bestseller

In a divided country desperate for unity, two sons of South Carolina show how different races, life experiences, and pathways can lead to a deep friendship―even in a state that was rocked to its core by the 2015 Charleston church shooting. Tim Scott, an African-American US senator, and Trey Gowdy, a white US congressman, won’t allow racial lines to divide them. They work together, eat meals together, campaign together, and make decisions together. Yet in the fall of 2010―as two brand-new members of the US House of Representatives―they did not even know each other. Their story as politicians and friends began the moment they met and is a model for others seeking true reconciliation.

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In Unified, Senator Scott and Congressman Gowdy, through honesty and vulnerability, inspire others to evaluate their own stories, clean the slate, and extend a hand of friendship that can change your churches, communities, and the world.…1496430417


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