Trey Gowdy: FBI Director Comey Is Stable And Trustworthy. Gowdy Shockingly Defends Comey! Comey TESTIMONY LIVE NOW.

by Pamela Williams
The House Intelligence Committee, led by Trey Gowdy, will be holding a closed-door hearing on Russian interference in the 2016 election  on Thursday.  FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers will be there to testify.  Tucker Carlson is questioning Trey Gowdy about this event.  Carlson feels this issue is in the past, and health insurance and tax cuts should be the forefront of priorities.  Gowdy says that these things are not his job.  He is on the House Intelligence Committee, and his job is to investigate, as he is in investigating the still open issue on Russian meddling.  
Below is the video interview:

Tucker asks how would Trump be doing the bidding of Putin when they are “so at odds?”  Gowdy explains he starts at ground zero when the DNC was hacked, when names of Americans were leaked and unmasked.  Tucker says the only crime he knows that happened was the leaking and unmasking of General Flynn.  
Tucker asks Gowdy if he thinks Director Comey is trustworthy.  Gowdy surprisingly says “yes, and I have a rich and provocative history with him.”  He says it is not fair to Comey to ask him questions he cannot answer unless he is behind closed-doors.  
It seems Gowdy is good friends with Comey, so I guess this means this investigation will be an open and shut case.  Director Comey will again come out of this unscathed, although I am confident he is one of the worst problems we have had to deal with since the Hillary Clinton investigation.   He certainly protected Clinton and failed to charge her with a crime.  He said she had no intent of wrongdoing.
I remember a video in which Gowdy did, in fact, prove to Comey that Hillary Clinton did have intent in wrongdoing.  I am going to dig that up now, as I am quite disappointed with Trey Gowdy at this time.  Below is the video of Trey Gowdy proving to FBI Director Comey that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, have the intent of wrongdoing.  It is an amazing exchange.
I am in shock that Trey Gowdy is now defending Director Comey as trustworthy and stable. Comey has been a thorn in the side of the American people since he failed to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her actions in the email investigation.  She is walking free at this very moment, because Director Comey covered up for her.  I have no doubt of this whatsoever.   
I have felt Trey Gowdy to be the one source that the American people could count on for the truth.  Now I am questioning his loyalty to us.  I would like to know what has occurred between the time the video was made and now to give Trey Gowdy such confidence in Director Comey.
FBI Director Comey is testifying LIVE in front of the Senate at this time.  Here is the link:

Started streaming 1 hour ago
LIVE STREAM: The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, is expected to be grilled Wednesday by lawmakers in both parties who have sharply questioned his judgment on the investigations into both Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and Russian meddling in the presidential election.
Unlike the House Intelligence Committee hearing in March in which Mr. Comey took the extraordinary step of confirming the existence of the Russia investigation, Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee proceeding is a more routine congressional oversight hearing — but notable because Mr. Comey has not publicly discussed his role in the Clinton investigation.
Mr. Comey’s handling of that Clinton investigation continues to shadow him. Not even President Trump seems keen to forget the decisions Mr. Comey made during the election. On Tuesday night, the president criticized Mr. Comey in a Twitter post, writing that the F.B.I. director was “the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!”
Mr. Trump also played down the F.B.I.’s investigation into Russian efforts to help his campaign.

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16 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy: FBI Director Comey Is Stable And Trustworthy. Gowdy Shockingly Defends Comey! Comey TESTIMONY LIVE NOW.”

      • We never have. The American public is the final arbiter of it’s fate.
        The great thing is this: By the American public electing Trump, we have proven to ourselves that our government is rogue, corrupt and criminal, our duty as stated to the colonist’s overlords in the first war of independence,
        “…Governments are instituted among Men, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED [emphasis added], — That whenever any Form of Government
        becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to
        alter or to abolish it,…”
        The choice is clear. Go silently into the night, or don’t die politely and fight for your right to exist.
        Your acceptance of shackles is your sentence of death.

        • Your third para is the killer…even the sheeple must realise the gig is up and they are also expendable in either an US economic collapse or nuclear war. Welcome to what he rest of the world has been experiencing for decades.

  1. Looks like even Gowdy is corrupted after all. Maybe a little less so than most of his coworkers, but still one of them.
    The more I see, the more I’m convinced the money Trump wants to invest into a wall at the Mexican border would be better spent building a wall around Washington D.C.
    Turn that whole place into a maximum security prison.

  2. im completely disappointed and disheartened. I cant believe of all people, that Trey Gowdy would do this..ive always loved him, he was always a true patriot,fighting for the average American, but as i can plainly see, ALL POLITICIANS HAVE THEIR LOYALTY LIMIT…i read this, and then google about his missing investigators that worked under him with the Congressional Committee. They were apparently headed to the Clinton library in Arkansas, search warrant in hand, then they find their bodies before they get their, in trash bags, and were still breathing when buried, TREY MUST BE SCARED TO DEATH.

  3. Power corrupts…have suspected for a long time that Chaffetz and Gowdy were just another “dog and pony show”…only way to have a say is to make a pledge to yourself that in all future elections you will NOT vote for an incumbent…Time to TERM LIMIT THEM ALL!!


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