Triple-Whammy: Spiking Inflation, A Slowing Economy & Broken Supply Chains


by Adam Taggart, Wealthion 

Michael Every, Global Strategist at Rabobank, returns to the program to discuss the trap the world’s central banks are in. Spiking inflation resulting from their stimulus policies is colliding with slowing economic growth. Their choice at this point is to impoverish the public through rising costs (and eventually so kill the economy) by continuing to stimulate, or plunge the debt-burdened economy direction into recession or depression by tightening. He also gives us a wide-ranging perspective on the developments in Asia (and China, in particular) and why the current lines of trade and supply chains will need to be re-drawn.

Why address this now?

Because governments and central planners have been kicking the can as far as they can down the road for decades, pushing off the repercussions of the decisions they make today.

But eventually, the road runs out and the can can no longer be kicked any farther.

And it’s increasingly looking like we’ve arrived at that point today.

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There’s an old saying that, because it’s the world’s largest economy, when the United States of America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.

But now with China’s economy on track to take over the #1 spot by or before 2030, whatever happens in Asia increasingly now has direct ramifications for the rest of the world.

And a LOT is happening in Asia right now.

The majority of folks who watch this Wealthion channel are from Western countries, so to bring us up to speed on the key developments we should be paying attention to in the Asia Pacific region, we welcome Michael Every, Global Strategist at Rabobank, back onto the program.

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