#TruckersForFreedom has the Canadian government very worried

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by blueskiesatwar

If you haven’t been following it at all there is a massive convoy of truckers travelling across Canada to the capital in protest of the vaccine mandates for truckers crossing the American border. They plan to jam Ottawa up until the mandates are lifted.

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Well this has created the largest propaganda push I have seen since perhaps the start of the vaccination campaign. It’s incredible. Mainstream media is running a smear campaign, the shilling on Canadian subreddits has gone through the roof. If the push if this huge, that means this has the government very worried and they should be. It took a little while here, but finally the people are starting to become more organized in their opposition. It’s just the start.

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Since you can’t follow through the Media, I recommend using Twitter for now, our perhaps GETTR (though I’m not a fan of this site) using the hashtag #TruckersForFreedom. But the best show of support is go meet the on the highway and cheer them on! It’s been incredibly inspiring seeing the videos of citizens showing support and waving flags.



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