Trudeau’s Approval Rating PLUMMETS! – Could This Be The END Of Justin Trudeau?

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Trudeau’s all-time low approval rating! From a 46% approval rating last December to a 35% approval today, it doesn’t look good for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Most people cite the massive deficit and absolutely enormous taxes as the reason they do not approve of Justin Trudeau. And the best part? Only 8% of Canadians “STRONGLY support” Justin Trudeau while 39% of Canadians “STRONGLY disapprove” of the Liberal Prime Minister.
The poll was conducted by Angus Reid.

Here’s the issue… We all love to bash Trudeau and for good reason. His colorful socks, his “peoplekind” comments, his carbon tax, his crazy spending, his over all cringey persona, but in reality, the GOVERNMENT itself should have a low approval rating. Government always grows regardless of the party. It is cancer. It is a racket. It is the control of the populace collectively. It is the extortion of the masses. It is the motive of the state to make you dependent on the state. Trudeau can hardly tie his own shoes. He’s not the one “in charge.” This goes a lot deeper than nice hair Trudeau. This is about individual freedom vs collectivism.
So while people find new ways for government to fix the problems of government which by the way has never worked going back to ancient Greece for the thousands of years this has been tried, the real answer lies with the individual.

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Don’t forget. You are free. The government cannot give you freedom, it can only take it away from you.




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