Trump Already Appointed 26 Appeals Court Justices, Obama Only Appointed 55

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by Natura Naturans

So in just two years Trump has appointed half as many as Obama did in 8 years. Soon all the Appeals courts will be conservative and together with a conservative Supreme Court Republicans will rule FOR GENERATIONS, no matter how many Democrats get elected. Also, the Republicans are breaking up the ultra liberal 9th circuit into several that will allow Trump to make conservative appointments that will destroy the leftist 9th circuit FOREVER!

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Trump has 9 vacancies on the 9th circuit to fill. This alone will make the 9th circuit conservative. So again, Democrats will be screwed.

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The pu$$y hat rebellion is almost over, by the time the next election comes all the appeals courts in the country will be solidly conservative.

At this rate the Obama/Democrat control over the country will disappear very soon.



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