Trump Calls Out the NFL – Says the “SOBs Should be Fired!”

by Mark Angelides

President Donald Trump has waded into the fray over NFL players sitting out the national anthem and disrespecting the American flag. During a rally for Luther Strange in Huntsville, Trump began talking football with the cheering crowd.  And although critics may argue that what an NFL player chooses to do is his right under the First Amendment, there is a much bigger picture that needs to be examined.
At the rally, Trump said that the people who disrespect the flag should be thrown out of the stadium and be kicked off the teams:
“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag to say, `Get that son of a bitch off the field right now! Out. He’s fired! He’s fired!“
“You know some owner’s going to do that,” Trump said. “He’s going to say, `That guy who disrespects our flag, he’s fired!‘ ”
Trump pointed out that game viewing figures are really suffering, stating that they are “down massively, massively.”
He continued to talk about how the game has changed, and not necessarily for the better:
“If you hit too hard … 15 yards, throw him out of the game!” said Trump. “They’re (refs and league officials) ruining the game, right?
And some of us may be cheering, some of us may be appalled, and many may be completely indifferent, but there is a bigger picture that needs looking at…Why is nobody questioning in a grown up manner what it is that these people are protesting?
The media have given them a free pass to say they are “against racism” or “against inequality” and no one has challenged them to either point out specific racist or unequal things or explain what exactly their protest is doing to help.
They (and many others) say that there is systemic or institutionalized racism in America, but is there? Which institutions held back President Obama? Which aspect of systemic racism stopped Loretta Lynch becoming the Attorney General? S Ben Shapiro points out, if you could point to one measurable thing that is not just “your feelings”, then I would protest it with you!
And what is it they hope to achieve? Again, it comes down to a lack of specifics. By kneeling down, they are showing that they are unhappy with the United States and the way in which its institutions work…What do you want the leadership to do about it? Please don’t say “make things fairer” without pointing out a specific area that is actually unequal. We know you’re unhappy, you’ve made that clear…So now what? Will you just continue to show your feelings (whilst collecting a very healthy pay check) without making the actual real, measurable issues known?
President Trump has barged in on this, and I’m glad he has. He is showing them p for their childish behavior. The media are fully signed up to the idiocy, so who is speaking out? Only the president.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Calls Out the NFL – Says the “SOBs Should be Fired!””

  1. The black brat millionaires are simply hell bent on extracting something from innocent, ordinary Americans who owe them nothing. What is it the Africans are protesting? It is the right of LEOs to shoot black criminals in self-defense. These rich black brats are essentially demanding the right of blacks to resist arrest, assault and kill law officers at a cost of minimal punishment -though even the players with the lowest IQ’s aren’t stupid enough to say this openly. Black brats and left-liberals feign to believe that blacks are no more violent and criminal than whites; they are just far more likely to be “profiled,” harassed, arrested, convicted, and imprisoned. And if they concede that black brats as a group are more criminal, they explain such disparities as a corollary of “racism” and the legacy of democrat inspired slavery and segregation that have nothing to do with innate differences or the portrayal of blacks as victims and the vilification of whites as victimizers by african demagogues and the libt**rd establishment.


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