Trump CAVES: Directly funds BILL GATES ‘Global Alliance VACCINE Initiative’ after ‘withdrawing’ money from WHO

Trump CAVES and directly funds BILL GATES ‘Global Alliance VACCINE Initiative’ after ‘withdrawing’ money from WHO. Now Gates won’t have to deal with pesky bureaucracy and can pocket those sweet funds directly.


Trump now has his State Department directing funds to the Gates Foundations ‘Global Alliance Vaccine Initiate’ via USAID. Upwards of 2 Billion will now be given directly to Bill Gates.

President Donald Trump sent a video message of support for the Gates Global Vaccine Alliance after Johnson personally reached out. Although Trump did not specify the US pledge amount in his message, the United States Agency for International Development had announced in February a pledge of US $1.16 billion.

”There are no borders, [the virus] doesn’t discriminate, it’s been it’s nasty but we can all take care of it together. It’s great to be partnering with [GAVI]. We will work hard, we will work strong…good luck, let’s get the answer,” said Trump, under fire from critics at home and abroad for his handling of massive civil unrest in the wake of the police murder of a black Minneapolis man.

No wonder Trump keeps Fauci around, he needs someone to fondle Gates’s balls for him while he’s ‘busy’ in the Whitehouse:

Gates Foundation Vaccine Initiative Leadership Council are comprised of:

Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO;
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, Director of NIAID, part of the National Institutes of Health;
Mr. Anthony Lake, Executive Director for UNICEF;
Ms. Joy Phumaphi, Chair of the International Advisory Committee and Executive Secretary, African Leaders Malaria Alliance
Dr. Tachi Yamada, President of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;

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Control of USAID now in the hands of the Trump State Department

All USAID money is at the behest of the President’s Budget:

Trump only hires the best swamp!

Love his State Department, great people, really great guys, doing alot of great things since there’s alot of bad people, really bad people, doing bad things, we have to get going, alot of work to be done, alot of really good work, good things we’re doing.

Trump hired John Barsa, current head of USAID, and now he’s directing him to fund Bill Gates with all that sweet sweet WHO money, right into Gates’s pocket.




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