Trump Commits Another War Crime With Another Fireworks Display PR Stunt To Encourage The Jihadis & Prolong The War In Syria


So why did Trump put on another meaningless fireworks show last night, by inflicting minimal damage on Syria by firing 112 cruise missiles at insignificant targets, at a a cost of over $100m to the American taxpayer?

After all this will only provide further encouragement to the Jihadis to prolong the war, encourage the Jihadis to stage more False Flag chemical weapon terror attacks in the future (its now worked twice), result in the murder of thousands more innocent Syrian civilians from prolonging the war, waste billions more American taxpayer dollars by prolonging the war and America’s involvement, and almost certainly cost more American lives.

So why did Trump do it?

First of all in order to understand what happened with Trump’s bombing of Syria last night and what has happened over the last two months and longer, you have to abandon all pretense at “morals” and know some of the history which has led us to this point.

The US, UK and Israeli governments have NEVER had any “morals”.

The Saudis have never had any “morals” since at least 1973 – the Saudis did the Petrodollar deal with Kissinger in 1974/1975 in return for agreeing never to attack Israel again after the Israeli Arab War. All OPEC oil trades were to be conducted in US Dollars and Saudi would buy substantial quantities of US arms and keep their oil profits denominated in US Dollar assets (Treasuries, stocks, Real Estate etc. – or some UK assets and arms).
The US also requested the Saudis spend billions of dollars spreading their Wahhabi Extremist Death Cult in order to create Terror and destabilize the world for US arms company and CIA profits.

The arming of Wahhabi Extremists for Geopolitical Ends and private Corporate Profits was started by Brzezinski with the Mujahadin in July 1979 under President Carter, to get the Soviets to intervene in Afghanistan.

The Saudis and the CIA have been recruiting, arming and training Wahhabi terrorists to cause chaos, carnage and perpetual war in the world, pretty much ever since. The UK government has played an active part too and Israel has been urging them on.

The Israeli government ever since Israel was founded have sought to destabilize and balkanize surrounding countries that have not pledged allegiance to Israel.

This campaign has been conducted using Acts of Terrorism, False Flags, Israeli invasions e.g. in Lebanon, Israeli instigated Wars (such as the 6 day war of 1967 and invasion of Syria), the use of the US military to invade and bomb countries, the use of billions of American dollars to bribe countries into supporting Israel (this is euphemistically called “Foreign Aid” by the US State Department), and the use of the Saudis and the CIA to recruit, arm and train Wahhabi terrorists to destabilize countries with governments that Israel opposes.

This strategy was crystallized in the 1982 Yinon Plan.

This strategy was updated in 1996 with the Richard Perle led “A Clean Break” which specifically advocated launching overt Wars of Aggression in the Middle East and using Wahhabi terrorists for large scale Regime Change opertions.

A Clean Break was later re-branded as PNAC from 1997 because  “A Clean Break” was too obviously an Israeli instigated plan.

All of the authors of A Clean Break supported PNAC along with a host of others who described themselves as “Neocons”.
Neocons are ANTI Conservatives.
They advocate Big Government, Big Deficits with massive military budgets, the destruction of Civil Rights and the Bill of Rights in the United states and Europe, Perpetual War to recruit more terrorists and provide the pretext to “justify” the massive military budgets and the destruction of Civil Rights in the United States, and the end of Democracy itself in favor of a system of Neo-Feudalism under the control of a cabal of “intellectuals”, Oligarchs and multinational Banks and Corporations.

N.B. The “liberal” version of Neocons or Neoliberals are often called “Globalists” but they are all part of the same thing, with different names being used to try and confuse people that they are not in league with each other.
When have you ever heard a Neocon like John McCain ever disparaging a Neoliberal Globalist like George Soros?
The answer is you haven’t because they are on the SAME TEAM.

The Neocons and the Neoliberal Globalists all support each other and all of them have the same goals – the transfer of wealth and power from ordinary people to a handful of Corporate and Banking “Elites” in an anti-democratic “One World Government”.

For a great example of a Globalist policy see Obama’s TPP (and TTIP) Corproate Power Grab. This was supported by all the Neoliberals and Neocons like John McCain.
The “Neoliberals” like Hillary Clinton all support the Neocon Wars. Obama continued the Neocon agenda by Regime Changing Libya and attempted to do the same thing with Syria.
In order to achieve their eventual aim of instituting a One World Fascist Government the Globalists believe they need to engineer the destruction of America socially and economically through poverty and social unrest.

This can best be achieved by pursuing a policy of Perpetual War, racking up massive debts (government and personal) and encouraging massive migration of unskilled labor.
They are aiming for something very similar to what happened in 1920’s / 1930’s Germany and Italy, so the people cry out for a “Strong Leader” to take all of their rights away.

PNAC advocated invading Iraq and Regime Changing Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Additional side benefits of the Neocon Wars and recruiting more terrorists are that these terrorist groups would then commit acts of terror in America and Europe, murdering Americans and Europeans, which would be blamed on the Arabs thus providing the excuse or pretext for the US and UK to attack more enemies of Israel for Israel’s benefit.
And round and round it goes.

The Arab and Muslim general populations of course have a very good understanding of the Israeli led Neocon agenda through various Arabic or Muslim books, newspapers and discussion forums.
In the Muslim world Israel’s plans are common knowledge
Which is the exact opposite of most Westerners from which the truth of the Neocon agenda is kept hidden by an Israeli supporting, owned and controlled, Mass Media and the government run (dis)education system.

The Arab understanding of the Israeli agenda for Greater Israel and the deliberately planned murder and displacement of millions of Muslims in the Middle East of course leads to ever more hatred of Israel and unfortunately increasing hatred towards ordinary Jews in general.

Ordinary Jews have nothing to do with the plots of the Zionist Extremists, Neocons, Neoliberals, Globalists and Oligarchs and mostly remain completely oblivious to them.

Just like most ordinary Christians still have absolutely no understanding and nothing to do with the plots of purported “christian” Dick Cheney and his Neocon Globalist agenda from at least the mid 1990’s to launch Wars of Aggression for his own personal greed and profit.

I don’t blame Christians for Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney (and Karl Rove) used and deceived ordinary Christians in order to get elected.
(As an aside if you want to know more about how Evangelical Christians have been deceived by Zionists, do some research on the Schofield Bible.)

Neither do I blame ordinary Jews for the Rothschilds. Ordinary Jews have been used by the Rothschilds to pursue their agenda for over a century. In fact if you know history you will also know that huge numbers of ordinary Jews have been deliberately murdered in order to pursue the Rothschilds plans and to increase the Rothschilds power and wealth.

Ordinary Jews are also being used and deceived by the Neocons like Bill Kristol, who is acting directly against the interests of ordinary Jews by pursuing policies that deliberately increase anti-Semitism.

I blame Dick Cheney for Dick Cheney, the Rothschilds for the Rothschilds and Bill Kristol for Bill Kristol.
I also blame their deliberate deceit and the fact that the mass media deliberate lie to cover up and not expose their deceit. The plans of the Neocons and the Globalists are pretty obvious to anyone who looks – they haven’t really tried to keep it a secret.

The Oligarch and Corporate owned Mass Media deliberately act directly against the interests of their own country and the interests of the vast majority of their own countrymen (and they’ve been doing it for decades).
The Neocons, the Neoliberals, the Zionists and the Oligarchs don’t care at all about ordinary people, we are just cattle to be used to them – see Carroll Quigley’s explanation of the Globalists plans above.

OK – so that covers most of the history and background – lets move onto Trump and recent events.

Trump and Current Events

The governments of the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia are not going to suddenly start having “morals”, just because Trump is in the White House.
The same Neocon, Neoliberal, Zionist, Globalist agenda is still in play.

The Mass Media and the Deep State are still completely controlled by the Globalists who are pushing Trump at every opportunity to escalate hostilities with Russia and prolong the Neocon Wars.
Of course both of these policies are directly against the interests of ordinary Americansand directly against Trump’s campaign slogans to “put America First” and “Make America Great Again”.

For whatever reason Trump appointed a whole load of  Neocons, Neoliberal Globalists and Deep State Swamp Creatures to his cabinet from the very beginning, in fact apart from Steve Bannon (now gone) it contains nothing else.

So a couple of weeks ago Trump announces he is going to withdraw US Troops from Syria “very soon” at his OHIO campaign rally – and gets a Yuge HURRAH! from the crowd (and every other patriotic, honest, decent American and human being).
The Neocons, Netanyahu, the Deep State and the Globalists throw a monumental fit and spew their coffee all over the breakfast table.
The same thing happens in the UK’s Neocon Globalist government and the Saudis (who thought they’d also bought Trump with a $100bn plus weapons deal).

The Mainstream Media sets out yet again to back Trump into a corner and reverse his suggested policy.

Naturally they use their previous strategy which has worked so well in the past when Trump has suggested doing something that is in America’s interests and call him “Putin’s Puppet”.

WaPo, NYT and the rest of the fake liberal media go into overdrive saying how much of a disaster it would be if America didn’t continue wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars and getting Americans killed in stupid wars.

What a disaster!
We cannot let it happen!
If Trump were allowed to withdraw from Syria it would let Syria and Russia mop up the remaining Jihadis and pursue Peace both in Syria and with their immediate neighbors (excluding of course the perpetual warmongers in Israel). It would reduce the further recruitment of terrorists, help to reduce the terrorist attacks on American and European soil, and stop the provision of one of the main terrorist training grounds for more al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.

The Neocon Globalists have so far cost Americans 7 TRILLION Dollars (or $23,000 for every man, woman and American child), 10,000 American lives, 60,000 wounded, over 100,000 Veterans with PTSD and over 100,000 Veterans who have committed suicides over the last 17 years.

Great Job Neocon Globalists! /sarc off
I thought Trump was going to tell them all to F*** off.
At least that’s what he told the voters and why the voters, voted for him.

The ENTIRE Mainstream Media (who are the mouth pieces of the Neoocon Globalists) have been pushing for WW3 with Russia since at least early 2014.

A lot of the media mouthpieces are EXTREMELY ignorant and stupid, or they are extremely corrupt and will do more or less anything for a corrupt paycheck (or both) – that’s WHY they were employed by the media conglomerates in the first place.
The Media Moguls don’t want to employ anyone who doesn’t toe the Neocon Globalist line – those people get FIRED (see e.g. Phil Donahue fired in 2003 over his Iraq war objections – I am sure you name others).

There is only ONE person with a regular slot on Mainstream Media that is speaking any Truth about Syria currently – pretty much all of you will know who I am talking about. I don’t think I need to name him.
Anyone who doesn’t know can ask me on twitter – or look at my timeline.
Do you want WW3? I don’t. Neither does any other remotely sensible human being.
But the Neocon Globalists, the Deep State and their insane media mouthpieces DO want Russia destroyed or WW3 and they don’t seem to care which.
These people are psychopaths and completely insane.

So the Neocon Globalists are extremely upset at Trump’s suggestion to withdraw US troops from Syria “very soon”.

Trump gets a phone call from Netanyahu.
Trump immediately backtracks on his stated policy and the Pentagon and state Department issue statements that Trump “didn’t really mean it – we’re not going to do that at all”.

A couple of weeks after Trump’s statement at his Ohio campaign rally that he is going to withdraw US Troops from Syria “very soon” a “miraculous” thing happens for the Neocon Globalists.

A False Flag terror event allegedly involving chemical weapons is staged by the Jihadi Terrorists the Neocon Globalists and Saudis have been recruiting, funding, training and arming for the last 7 years,.
Just as the last of the terrorists in Ghouta are being defeated and most of them already evacuated.

This obviously staged event didn’t fool anyone with a still functioning brain.

The Russians claim that no chemicals were involved, the videos were staged by the White Helmets Jihadi Fraudsters and they were put up to staging something by the UK’s Neocon Globalist government.
It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if all of the Russian claims are true.

Still the psychopaths in the media howled for blood and so did the Neocons and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu promises “Trump will do something about it”.

And lo and behold Trump “does something”.

The Warmongering psychopaths were in a hurry and definitely didn’t want to wait for the OPCW investigators to examine the scene and interview witnesses, or have a debate in Congress or in the UK Parliament, as that would have destroyed their case for more war.

So with US intel and all of the White House 100% knowing this was a staged False Flag terror event by the Jihadis, Trump decides to placate his critics at home and of course Netanyahu.

This is exactly the same scenario as occurred for the False Flag event staged by the Jihadi terrorists in April 2017.
A few days before the False Flag, Trump, Tillerson and Nikki Haley all said that getting ris of Assad “was no longer a priority”, i.e. Assad could stay.

And Trump decided he would go with the same response as he made in 2017.

So last night Trump put on another fireworks show with 112 cruise missiles (instead of the 59 he used in April last year for the same purposes).
A lot of these 112 cruise missiles got shot down by Syrian air defenses before reaching their targets (we don’t know how many).

The remaining missiles caused minimal damage to Assad’s government just as they were intended to do.
They are only for show, not to kill thousands of Assad’s Army troops or Russians, or destroy significant parts of Assad’s military infrastructure or command centers or the Presidential Palace (which would have been a grave risk of starting a hot WW3 with Russia).

The missiles destroyed some kind of nondescript military research center near Damascus in the middle of night. Presumably when no Syrian military research scientists were working and would only have been manned by some minimal level of overnight security detail.

A nondescript military warehouse on a Syrian military base was also destroyed.
The Pentagon have claimed this warehouse contained “Assad’s chemical weapon stockpiles”. This is patently false and a brazen lie. If Trump had bombed a stockpile of chemical weapons a large portion of the chemicals would have been released into the surrounding atmosphere and large numbers of people would have been killed or injured with chemical poisoning. No reports of chemical poisoning have been issued from Syria.

In a statement straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 Mattis warns “that there will be a massive disinformation propaganda campaign by Assad apologists.”

Translation: We have just committed a War Crime against the people who are actually fighting the terrorists and our lies are so ridiculou that EVERY honest person  with a still functioning brain, will be calling us out on our obvious  lies, so we need to at least try and keep the plebs asleep.

Mattis then stated that “this was the end of this operation unless there is a nother chemical weapons event”.

Thus actively encouraging the terrorists to stage further False Flag terror attacks, putting the lives of Syrian civilians in further danger abd increasing the hate towards America from all four corners of the globe and putting American lives in greater danger.

Great job Mattis!
I am sure that Nikki and Netanyahu will be extremely pleased.

So the bottom line is:-

Trump has reversed his stated policy of withdrawing from Syria
The Jihadis have been encouraged to prolong their fight in Syria and will murder more Syrians
The Saudis and others have been encouraged to keep arming the terrorists
More Syrians and Americans will die in the Neocon Wars
Billions more American taxpayer dollars will be wasted in stupid wars
Trump has made Americans more hated around the world with unknown consequences, such as the increased risk of attack on American troops from Shias in Iraq, and American tourists or business people elsewhere

Relations with Russia have been further degraded.
Hostilities against Russia have been escalated.
WW3 is a step closer.

This is the exact opposite of America First

What will the Russian response be to Trump’s inconsequential fireworks show?

If the Russians do nothing the Neocons will stage another provocation to make Trump do something more serious next time.

And so it will go on until the Russians draw a line in the sand and make Trump see sense (hmmm I’m not going to hold my breath on that one).

Appendix – further background on Syria

The OPCW signed off that ALL of Assad’s large stockpile of chemical weapons had been destroyed in mid 2014. Syria had these stockpiles of chemical weapons for decades as their only realistic deterrence of an invasion by Israel.

Of course Assad could have obtained relatively small quantities of chlorine gas, just as the Jihadis have done. A chemical weapons lab and quantities of chlorine gas were recently discovered by the Syrian Army in a recently liberated area of East Ghouta.

Assad could have made some small quantities of Sarin gas (he has made it before) just like the Jihadis made Sarin gas in Turkey and were supplied Sarin gas by their foreign backers – we don’t know exactly who out of the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia (or another of the Jihadis allies).

Again there is ZERO evidence of Assad having restarted making Sarin gas and there is every reason for him not to have done so. If he was remaking Sarin gas there is a severe risk the CIA, the Jihadis, or others would obtain evidence of it and then used it as the pretext to rain Armageddon down on him, his government, his country and his people.

Just like the Neocon War Criminals rained Armageddon down on Iraq in 2003. Iraq was turned into a Failed State despite the UN weapons inspectors categorically and repeatedly correctly saying that Iraq no longer had any chemical weapons and Saddam Hussein offering to let AMERICAN chemical weapons inspectors to search for chemical weapons or other WMDs (which Bush/Cheney refused as it would have destroyed their case for war).

Unlike the Jihadis, there is zero evidence of Assad now having any chemical weapons or of ever using chemical weapons in the past, in any circumstances whatsoever – not even when he was facing the grave risk of defeat with US/UK/Saudi/Israel backed ISIS baying with bloodlust and mass murdering civilians on the doorstep of Damascus in September 2015.

Russia stepped in, on September 30th 2015 to prevent the success of the Neocon plan to turn Syria into a Failed State controlled by the Radical Jihadi Extremists of al-Qaeda and ISIS, as the Neocons had previously done to Libya in 2011.

Ever since the Russian intervention at the request of Syria’s UN recognized legitimate government (Assad) the tide has turned against the Western backed Jihadi terrorists.

These maps show the change of areas of control between Russia intervening on Sep 30, 2015 and early April 2018.

Syria government forces are in red.
Kurds are in yellow.
ISIS is in grey.
Western and Turkish backed Jihadi extremists are in green

Assad is definitely not going to use any chemical weapons now (even if he had any, which I very much doubt) when things are going so well for him and if circumstances did not very substantially change he was guaranteed eventual victory against all the Western backed Jihadi terrorists and foreign invaders.

Trump acts as if he is completely deceived by the Zionists and Netanyahu.
Surely he cannot be so dumb and ignorant not to see the connections between Netanyahu, the Neocons, Bill Kristol and John McCain?
I know that a self reinforcing propaganda bubble is a very powerful thing, but that is getting ridiculous.

For whatever reason, Trump is following EXACTLY the desired agenda of Netanyahu, the Neocons, and the Globalists which he professes to hate.

In Iran by threatening to cancel the Iran deal.
In Afghanistan by ramping up troop numbers (as Obama already tried but more massively) in a futile completely unwinnable war.
In Iraq by continuing the occupation.
In Syria by supporting the Jiahdis to prolong the war.
In Ukraine by arming the Neo Nazis with anti tank weapons and encouraging them to restart the civil war
In Europe by reversing his previously stated policy of disbanding NATO and encouraging the Neocons to stoke up tensions, instability, paranoia and war fever by increasing US troop deployments and staging massive war games on Russia’s borders
By appointing a totally insane Neocon Nutjob in Mike Pompeo (who has to have known about Hillary and Obama arming al-Qaeda and ISIS in Libya and Syria while he was on the House Intelligence Committee)
By appointing the insane Neocon Nutjob and Torturer-in-Chief  Gina Haspel as CIA Director
By appointing the most dangerous and the most treasonous Neocon of all – John Bolton as National Security Advisor (John Bolton has ALWAYS been America Last and Israel First and a lobbyist for Wars that will needlessly kill Americans that are directly against America’s interests.

In general by ramping up hostilities with Russia and moving us closer to WW3.

Things are not looking good.

If you want to know more about what’s going on in the world, the Neocon agenda, and more importantly why they are happening, read these articles and embedded links:-